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Avolta Portable Aircon

1. No Restrictions

Many apartment buildings, Condos, and even HDB flats do not allow you to have a window casement air conditioner. Avolta Portable Aircon will be a great alternative as they do not protrude from the outside of your home. Also, as their name suggests, they’re portable so it’s easy to relocate them from room to room.

2. A Small Unit for a Small Space

Avolta Portable air conditioner is perfect if you live in a small space, wish to add on an aircon to a room that was not originally planned to have an aircon or even a rented apartment that doesn't come with an aircon unit installed. There’s also no permanent installation required so set up is extremely quick and easy. Portable air conditioners only take a fraction of the window opening, preserving precious window space.

3. Cut Costs and Keep Cool

With the moisture removal of 1.4l/h, you can be assured that the air doesn’t get too dry that might cause irritation to your eyes or throat and yet the condensation within the unit will be evaporated automatically. Saving you trouble and hefty costs for air conditioner servicings.

With the cooling capacity reaching up to 24m2 and powerful airflow of 420m³/hr without extensive power usage, Avolta portable air conditioner is an economic option. On days when you only need cooling for one or two rooms, Avolta portable air conditioners are a great option compared to its peers in the same league.


Looking for an additional cooling system without the hassle and high costs in maintenance? Ditch the idea of an add on system 1 aircon or a chunky window casement air-conditioner, Avolta 14,000 BTU portable air-conditioner might just be your best take.




Made in China



Do not station the unit lying down or in the opposite direction. Always allow the unit to be in an upright position with the wheels on the ground.

Do not rinse the unit. For upkeeping, remove the filter to wash.

DO NOT set the temperature higher (hotter) than the room temperature. The motor will be deactivated and the water will not be able to self-evaporate. You might need to dispose the water manually.




Temperature Control, fan speed, timer setting.




Machine Body: ABS Plastic

Rated Power: 220-240V/50Hz

Rated Voltage: 1700 - 4000W

Net Weight:

(Current A015A-14C) - 34kg

(Digital Display PC40-AMK/S) - 30kg

Product Dimensions:

(Current A015A-14C) - 321mm (Width) x 580mm (Depth) x 767mm (Height)

(Digital Display PC40-AMK/S) - 300mm (Width) x 505mm (Depth) x 775mm (Height)




Installation Type and charges payable upon delivery and installation request: 



Please refer to the user manual for an in depth guide on cleaning and maintenance.





Frequently Asked Questions

What functions do this portable aircon have?

The machine functions as a fan, cooling, heating, and dehumidification function.


Does this portable aircon need a special socket?

No, but prohibit the sharing of a socket with other electrical appliances to ensure sufficient power supply not less than 13A.


What is the required power supply?

220-240V / 50 hz.


What is the range of working temperature?

The machine working environment temperature: cooling at 17-35℃.


How to take care of this portable aircon?

Make sure the product ventilates all the time. Make sure the air filter is clean when using and power supply is sufficient.


Do I need to drain water from this portable aircon?

Under refrigeration function, you do not need to drain water because the condensed water will self-evaporate at the condenser unit.


How to use the heating function?

Switch both sides of air outlets, connect back to the hose connector.


Will I be informed when the water is full under the dehumidifying function?

When the tank is full, the water indicator is illuminated. After a few minutes the "E4" code will be displayed on the display and the compressor will automatically stop running.


How to remove the excessive water from the portable aircon?

You can remove the plug from the drain, drain water through the drainage pipe. Refer to the user manual.


Why is the portable aircon leaking water?

DO NOT set the temperature higher (hotter) than the room temperature. The motor will be deactivated and the water will not be able to self-evaporate. This will lead to the water being stored in the container which is required to be disposed manually.

If you wish to adjust the temperature higher due to it being too cold, adjust the wind direction away from you first and progressively increase the temperature.


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