CCLIMGLAM Hair and Scalp Treatment by BIU

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CCLIMGLAM Hair and Scalp Double Action Treatment

Are you experiencing itchy dry scalp that causes flaky dandruff or no matter how you wash your hair, the scalp is always oily after a while, leading to clogged pores resulting in extra hair falls? With the intense humidity in Singapore, is it always the weather to blame? Partly, most frequently it's caused by using the wrong shampoo or us not washing our hair properly.

If you are experiencing any of the scalp issues, you might have explored leave on serum which are either alcohol based or oil based - which might not work for everyone and it wouldn't be as comfortable to have these on your scalp throughout the day especially when you sweat. These too might solve your scalp problem but don't improve your hair quality.

Here’s why you need CCLIMGLAM Hair and Scalp Double Action Treatment. It is 100% plant based core components ingredient, and is silicone and residue free. It cleanses and purifies your scalp for a better hair growth environment, strengthens your hair roots to prevent hair loss due to clogged pores, smoothens the hair for a healthier and shiny look while also restores its elasticity - no more brittle hair! Have an experience of a professional salon for your hair at home! No other special equipment required.

With constant usage of daily application during shower for at least a week. Improvements to your scalp and hair will be visible after at least half a month, upkeep by using 3 times a week thereafter. Results vary depending on individuals.

All these being said, prevention is always better than cure.

#1 Prevention life hack? Never share the same shampoo with our family members as everyone has different scalp conditions.

#2, always wash your hair properly.

#3, make sure to wash it off thoroughly.



How to Use

1. Shampoo your hair thoroughly and rinse off clean

2. Squeeze dry the excess water on your hair

3. Squeeze a moderate amount of CCLIMGLAM Treatment onto your scalp (we recommend applying on the centre parting and two lines across the sides and back for better coverage) Do not over squeeze as it might drip onto your face.  

4. After application on every line, massage into your scalp until it turns into cream. It will be recommended to do it facing the mirror so you will not miss any spots untreated.

5. Apply it onto your hair as well and massage/rub till it turns into cream.

6. Leave it on for about a minute for the most effective results

7. Wash it off thoroughly



Product Specification

Made in Korea


Capacity: 200ml each

Weight: 0.22kg


Key Ingredients

Broccoli extract: Antioxidant and protects scalp

Onion Extract: Removes harmful substances on scalp and hair without irritation

Artemisia wormwood: Reduce inflammation, gives shine and Restores elasticity to the hair and strengthening the hair roots, smoothen hair

Cysteine: Powerful antioxidant that supplements the effect of Broccoli extract

Methionine: 18 kinds of different hair core Amino acid for hair follicles to alleviate hair loss symptoms and development of healthier hair 

Amino Acids: 100% plant based core components ingredient




- For external use only

- Avoid contact with eyes

- Cap the bottle back after use


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a leave on treatment?

No. Apply the treatment after shampooing your hair, then lightly massage it into your scalp. It will turn into a cream then wash it off with warm water.



Are results seen immediately?

It depends on the individuals, some can see the results within the 1st use, while others may see it after the 2nd or even 5th use. 



Can I use this on coloured hair?

Yes, you may. The CCLIMGLAM product will not change the color of your hair.



Can this be used on virgin hair?

Yes, you may. The CCLIMGLAM product is safe to be used on virgin hair.



Can children use this for their hair?

Yes. Though children can use this product, it is still recommended for users to be 13+.



How often should I use the CCLIMGLAM shampoo?

Preferably everyday. The more you use the CCLIMGLAM product, the better and faster the results and effectiveness.




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