CHEONG DAM Black Change Shampoo by BIU

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CHEONG DAM Black Change Shampoo by BIU

DO YOU STILL THINK ABOUT DYEING Your HAIR? STOP! - Cheongdam Black Change Shampoo by BIU will provide the solution. Healthy hair care without harmful ingredients. Stop worrying about allergies, skin trouble or skin pigmentation! DO YOU KNOW HOW EASY IT IS? Requiring no bowl or brush, even you don't need to put on plastic gloves, apply the hair change shampoo on your hair, massage and leave for about 2-3 minutes so that the shampoo covers your whole hair and scalp, and rinse well. You'll get the black hair you want. It's that easy and fast. You can do it at home by yourself, saving time and money. Licensed ingredients and technology have already been tested, and we have confidence in our product. Immediate change of Gray hair to Dark hair after 5 times of use, and experience similar effects to chemical dying after 2 weeks.


Made in Korea

Colour Options: Natural Brown or Dark Brown




- Each bottle contains 200ml/ grams. Each pump dispenses approximately 1.67 grams (approximately 120 pumps) per bottle.

- For men with short hair, it is suggested to use 3-4 pumps per wash

- For women with short hair, it is recommended to use 4-5 pumps per wash.

- For women with long hair, it is recommended to use 5-6 pumps per wash.

- During the initial use, the product should be used for approximately 5 consecutive days.

- After the initial use, subsequent use should be done every 3-4 weeks or when Gray hair becomes visible again.

- For subsequent use, please use it for 5 consecutive days.



Wear gloves if necessary.

Step 1: After wetting the scalp and hair with warm water, pump the appropriate amount on the palm & mix evenly for 1-2 seconds. Apply the mixture evenly on damp hair, especially on Gray hair and shampoo your hair as you regularly do.

Step 2: Once the shampoo is done, leave it on for 2-3 minutes.

Step 3: Rinse well with warm water and thoroughly wash your hair and scalp.


Tips for Use

1) For the best & fast result, apply the mixture to the selected part of dry Gray hair for up to 3 minutes, then resume with the How To Use Steps.

2) Recommended 3-4 washes for natural cover or 5 washes for full coverage.

3) You may adjust application time for thickness and amount of Gray hair.


Caution: Shampoo gently to avoid stray mixture staining the wall or shower curtain. If the mixture gets stained on the wall or shower curtains, please rinse off with water and clean immediately before it dries up.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you have to use it to get a result?

For natural colour, 3-4 days. For darker colours, 5 days are recommended.


Can you use it on dyed hair?

Black Change Shampoo is a dyeing functional shampoo reported to MFDS, giving gradual dyeing to dyed and discoloured hair.


Do you need to rinse with general shampoo after use?

Black Change Shampoo has a cleansing effect; you do not need to use a general shampoo after using Black Change Shampoo.


How long does one bottle of shampoo last?

200ml can be used up to 40 times, depending on the hair thickness and length.


Can you choose the colour?

Yes. If you wish to have natural colour, Natural Brown is our recommendation. You can also choose Dark Brown if you generally prefer a darker colour.


How long does the colour last?

This may differ by hair type, and the colour can last 2 weeks to 1 month.


Does it stain your hands or pillow?

It is not after the hair is dried, but if you leave it for too long during shampoo, the colour may get on your skin & we recommend you clean your hand while you leave the shampoo on your hair. Otherwise, you can wear gloves to avoid staining your hand.


Can you use it on sensitive scalp?

Black Change Shampoo has passed the sensitive skin hypoallergenic and scalp hypoallergenic tests. However, we still recommend you perform a patch test before fully applying it to your hair and scalp.


Can pregnant women use it?

Please consult with a doctor before using. If you have experienced abnormal skin reactions from other dyeing products, please perform a patch test before fully applying it to your hair and scalp.


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