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CUBII Seated UnderDesk Elliptical Machine
Too busy to exercise? Inactive or going through rehab exercise? Pedal, burn calories, and gain strength all while sitting down! CUBII is a low impact, ergonomic elliptical that promotes active sitting. Use it while staying productive at work, while watching TV, or for a simple workout. Engage 60% of your muscles while using it and burn an additional 84.5% of energy compared to sitting sedentary (average of 150 calories/hr!)
CUBII also features 8 different resistance levels to be adjusted to your choice and fitness goals.
The LCD display monitor allows you to set goals and track your progress by displaying the calories burnt, RPM, distance traveled, and minutes active. Improve circulation while strengthening the muscles around your knees, ankles, and thighs. 
It’s super space-saving and portable, so you can exercise at your desk or on your couch! It’s also whisper-quiet, so you no longer have to fret over loud, uncomfortable equipment. Add more strides to your day and keep active wherever you sit with CUBII!
Product Specifications
Made in China

Product dimensions: 
Unit - 60cm x 45cm x 25cm
Pedal - 14" x 5.5"

Product weight: 12.5kg

Steel, Aluminum, Plastics (PP, TPR, TPE, GFN, ABS, Delrin), Rubber, Glass 


- Press the silver button to switch between stats. Select scan to alternate automatically.
- Screen turns on when the silver button is pressed or when you start pedaling. Screen turns off after 4 minutes of inactivity.
- To reset stats, press and hold the silver button until all segments turn black (about 3 seconds), then let go. Replacing the battery will also reset the stats. When the stats reach maximum values, they will reset to zero.
- To switch from Miles(M) to Kilometers(K), press and hold the silver button for at least 6 seconds. All segments will turn black twice during this time. After the second flash of black segments, release the button. When displaying distance, you will see the M is now showing a K, or vice versa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How tall should my desk be?
The Cubii is designed to fit under most desks. Recommended desk height from the floor to the underside is at least 25 inches (58.3 cm). To use the Cubii comfortably you should have at least 2-3 inches of clearance between the underside of your desk and your knees regardless of its overall height. The Cubii dimensions are 60 x 45 x 25 cm, so we do recommend that the depth of your desk be at least 51cm 

Can you use this while standing?
For your safety and the safety of the Cubii, you cannot use it while standing. It is intended to be used only while sitting.
How do you move it? Is there a handle and/or wheels? 
There is a handle in the center of the unit. It does not have wheels and it weighs about 12.5kg.
Any weight capacity?
The weight capacity is 113kg. However, that refers to the weight that's directly on top of the pedals. Since you will be seated most of the weight will be supported by the chair and you should still be able to use the Cubi
Can this be used with bare feet?
Yes, you can use it both with bare feet and with shoes on. 
What muscle groups does this target? What are the health benefits?
It targets glutes, quads, hamstrings,calves, abductors and flexors as well as your core. The main benefit of Cubii is increasing movement and all the benefits that come with that, such as circulation, strengthening of muscles, concentration and loosening of joints. 
How much knee bend is required to use this? 
The angle bend is pretty low as the knees do not go as high up as if you were using a pedaler that mimics the motion of a bicycle. This means that for the most part your knee would be at an angle of 90 degrees or more, you can also move the Cubii further away from you in order to decrease the bend of your knee. 
What is the distance between the floor and the bottom of your foot when the footplate is in its highest position?
The height at the back of the footplate (where your heel is) is always about 2 inches. The height of the front end (where your toe is) is about 10 inches at the highest.
My legs are paralyzed. Will this work for me to get passive movement for stretching and circulation?
In order to pedal on the Cubii, you do need to push with your legs. It is a great tool for stretching your legs and for circulation. It is best to consult your doctor to see if a Cubii would be something that could help you.


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