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Fei Fah Electric Medibalm Extra

Suitable for:
• Migraine
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Muscle ache
• Body ache & stiffness
• Joint pain & stiffness
• Spinal pain
• Abdominal distention
• Cold, flu, stuffy nose
• Bruises
• Sprains
• Insect bites
• Toothache

How to use:
For external use only. Apply an appropriate amount and gently rub on the affected area not more than 3 to 4 times a day. Use an acupressure guide for enhanced effect.

Avoid direct sunlight. Store in a cool place.

Infants under 2 years old are not allowed to use. Avoid contact with eyes. If there is any adverse reaction, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

Active Ingredients:
Natural Beeswax:
• Relieves muscle aches and joint pain
• Reduces swelling and scarring
• Promotes blood circulation and healing
• Anti-inflammatory
• Anti-bacterial
• Anti-oxidant
• Good for your skin (contains vitamin A, promotes collagen production)

Methyl Salicylate:
• Relieves muscle aches and joint pain
• Has anti-inflammatory properties
• Promotes blood circulation and healing

• Relieves abdominal bloating and pain
• Relieves nausea when inhaled
• Treats headache and migraine, relieves pain
• Antimicrobial, relieves itch
• Soothes and relaxes muscles

Oleum Eucalypti: 
• Relieves cough, cold and clears your nose when applied to your chest / inhaling the vapor
• Repels bugs
• Disinfects wounds
• Soothes cold sores
• Eases joint pain

Country of manufacture: Singapore


Fei Fah Green Tea Plas Plus + Ginger Oil

For muscle inflammation, rheumatic joint pain, sprain, tennis elbow, muscle strain and various pains, etc., to promote blood circulation.

- Cut and apply appropriate size on the affected area for up to ten hours
- Apply a few drops of ginger essence oil to the affected area before pasting the analgesic patch for better effect.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Store in a cool and dry place.

Avoid contact with eyes, not suitable for children. If there are any adverse reactions, please stop using it immediately and consult a doctor, only for external use.

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