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Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow


The Getha 100% Natural Latex Galaxy Pillow is specially designed with the natural form of your neck in mind. Made from the highest quality latex, the Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow provides superior resilience and support. A great choice for any age group.


Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow designed hundreds of holes that created a natural ventilation system with air reservoir units which ensures continuous flow of fresh air. This allows the body heat and moisture to dissipate throughout your sleep, providing you with cool and refreshing comfort. It provides durable and designed for supreme comfort, GETHA 100% Natural Latex products will not flatten, does not need fluffing up and retains its shape for years of lasting support. 


Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow naturally conforms to the curvature of the body, providing anatomical support for head, neck, shoulder and spine. The support softens pressure points and can dramatically reduce sleep disturbance. Specially designed and moulded, GETHA 100% Natural Latex are tapped directly from earth’s natural resources – the rubber tree, and manufactured to exacting standards. It is environmental friendly and ecologically friendly.


Different between Natural Latex and Synthetic Latex

- While 100% Natural Latex has many great benefits for your sleep, synthetic latex has a large number of drawbacks.


Made in Malaysia

Materials: 100% highest quality latex

Weight: 1.19kg each

Dimensions: L61cm x W40cm x H13cm


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the latex pillow made of?

- It is made from 100% highest quality latex.


Does my 100% Natural Latex pillow require special care?

- Yes, due to the high quality natural ingredients used in producing the goods, special care must be given to products with 100% Natural Latex.


How do I keep my 100% Natural Latex pillow in good shape?

- Regular low suction vacuuming on the surface of the product will help maintain the product in good condition for lasting use.


Can I sun my 100% Natural latex pillow?

- No. 100% Natural Latex is sensitive to direct sunlight and head. You are advised not to expose your 100% Natural Latex to harsh conditions that may jeopardise the quality of the product.


Can I clean the Galaxy Latex Pillow by washing machine?

- No, it will spoil the latex. You can just rinse it with water and dry it inside the room. (We advise not to expose it under sunlight)


How do I remove spills and stains?

- Treat spills and stains as soon as possible by spot cleaning. 

- Gently scrape away any dirt from the surface with a damp cloth using mild soap with warm water. Allow to dry thoroughly before reuse.


What about 100% Natural Latex pillow, can be washed?

- Yes. Most of our pillows can be washed, simply follow the care instruction label on each pillow for cleaning.


Where can I get the details of care?

- Our 100% Natural Latex products will come with a care instruction label. 


What is the density feel of the Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow?

- Medium feel.


Who is suitable for the Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow?

- Suitable for any age group, especially those facing stress and jet lag can’t sleep well.


What is the lifespan of Getha Galaxy Latex Pillow?

- It is recommended you change it every 3 years due to hygiene purposes.



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