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Have you been wondering if you could do more with your water boiler kettle but the design and capacity seems too limited to be used for other purposes? Or have you always been too lazy to get your heavy ceramic pots out of your cabinet just to boil a nice healthy pot of tonic soup? Fret not, the time has come to solve all these obstacles preventing you from getting better health! Specially designed to be aesthetically pleasing looking yet packing multifunctional usage possibilities.


Easily monitor cooking conditions from all angles with the full glass structure, made of a durable high borosilicate glass material that is more resistant to high heat and temperature changes than tempered soda-lime glass, perfectly mated to a 360 degree rotatable base to enhance your viewing pleasure.


Gourmet Chef Nutri Mate has smart temperature protection control to safely power off when it senses dry heating or any exceeding of temperature. Long lasting 304 food grade high quality stainless steel and a heating element designed for rapid heating and uniform thermal conductivity. Coupling with a control panel panel that has a variety of presets timer settings for different purposes! Not only that, it can keep warm for up to 24 hours! 12 program selections to choose. Moreover, you can manually set any heat and timer setting as you wish while exploring endless usage possibilities with Gourmet Chef Nutri Mate. It not only lets you create healthy food, enjoy the fuss-free experience. 


Gourmet chef, innovative multi-functional gourmet kitchenwares designed by the discerning palate ones.


Made in China


Product Dimensions: 26.5cm (Height) x 23.5cm (Width) x 23cm (Length)

Capacity: 1.6L
Voltage: 220~240V

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Power: 800W 


Cleaning and Maintenance:

Descailing regularly can extend the service life. For general usage: Recommended to descale every two months.


Steps as follow:

1. Put 3/4 water into the glass pot and boil.

2. Add vinegar to the water until it reaches the max line.

3. Let the water and vinegar mix rest inside the tea kettle overnight.

4. Pour the water and vinegar mix out and rinse the inside of the tea kettle with water thoroughly.

5. Fill the tea kettle with water and boil it again.

6. Pour the water out, rinse the inside of the kettle again.

7. If necessary, repeat the above operation.



- Boiling sliced lemon in water will also aid in cleaning.

- Never use rough scouring pads or abrasive cleaners.

- Do not immerse the tea kettle or the base in water or any other liquid.

- Always unplug the base before cleaning.

- The base may be wiped with a slightly damp soft cloth.


How to use:

Refer to the user manual.




Frequently Asked Questions

How long can this cooker last?

This depends on the frequency of usage, but we estimate a good 3 years or more, but this also depends on how well it is taken care of.

What is the maximum time, watt and temperature?

Maximum time: 24Hours ( Timing Button is only for “Warm milk”, “Boil egg”, “Yogut”, “Scented tea”, “Tea” and “Baby milk”)

Maximum Watt: 800w 

Maximum temperature: 100°C  

What functions are there?

Boil water, Double boil, Warm milk, Hot pot, Boil egg, Porridge / Soup, Yogurt, Herbal, Scented tea, keep warm, Tea and Baby milk.

How much water should I use when I use it to boil?

Pour two cups of water into the Nutri Mate and ensure you do not exceed the Max Fill line. 

What colour is Gourmet Chef Nutri Mate available in?

It is available in Rose Gold only.

How to clean and descale?

For Cleaning Pot:

1. When cleaning or putting it away, switch off the appliance and always pull out the plug from the socket (pull on the plug, not the cable) if the appliance is not being used and remove the attached accessories.

2. Recommended to let Nutri Mate cool down before washing to ensure a longer lifespan. 

3. Wash it with neutral detergent and water. Avoid using metal scrubbers or scourers to prolong the durability

4. Do not place it in the dishwasher for washing.

5. Ensure that the bottom of the pot (with the 3 metal pins)  is dry before using again. 

For Cleaning the power base:

Before cleaning, unplug the power base unit from the main power supply. Do not immerse the power base in water or liquid. Clean the power base with a soft, dry cloth, and ensure not to use abrasive cleaning detergents or scourers.

*IMPORTANT TO NOTE: If the power base is wet, dry it off with a cloth thoroughly before usage.


For Descaling:

Discolouration to the element plate after use is normal. Descaling regularly can extend the service life. For general usage (five times every day), It is suggested to descale every three months if the water lower than 18dh (degree of hardness), descale monthly if the water higher than 18dh. 

1. Put 3/4 water into Nutri Mate and boil.

2. Add vinegar to the water until it reaches the max line. 

3. Let the water and vinegar mix rest inside Nutri Mate overnight.

4. Pour the water and vinegar mix out and rinse the inside of the Nutri Mate with water thoroughly.

5. Fill Nutri Mate with water and boil it again.    

6. Pour the water out, rinse the inside of again.

7. If necessary, repeat the above operation. 


*Boiling sliced lemon in water will also aid in cleaning. 


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