Gourmet Chef 9-in-1 Multi Cooker

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Gourmet Chef 9-in1 Multi Cooker
For those who live alone, cooking can be a huge hassle. Cooking for one requires almost the same amount of preparation and cleanup as cooking for two or more. Whether you have a big family, or live alone, it is always useful to have an amazing multicooker to help out with the cooking. It could be a one-person pot, or a big sharing pot. Gourmet Chef 9-in-1 Multi Cooker do the cooking for you so you can spend the time on more important things like your family!

Gourmet Chef 9-in-1 Multi Cooker is an amazing find! Compact, portable and easy-to-clean, this multi-cooker is perfect for condos, HDB, tiny rental rooms or just those without access to a proper kitchen. This portable appliance is so user-friendly that you can even use it to cook and dine straight from your dining room table or from your living room! Now you don't have to worry about being stuffed inside a hot and stuffy kitchen to cook or missing out on your favorite TV shows at that time.

A dual cookware system allows you to do standard cooking, saute, grilling, braising, frying, steaming, stewing, bbq, hotpot. With a large capacity of 3L, it is not difficult to recreate a hot and delicious hot pot at home. It can handle ingredients for singles or families! The cooking pot and heating base are separate, so no mess when cleaning and no worries about getting the bases wet. Not only that, it comes with a transparent lid so that you can keep a watchful eye on your food to prevent your broth from boiling over.

Product Specifications
Made in China

Product dimensions: 8cm (Depth) x 23cm (Length)
Product weight: 1.9kg
Cord Length: 1.2M
Power: 1300 - 1600W
Voltage: 220 - 240V
Frequency: 50 - 60Hz

Capacity: 3L

Cooking Pot - SUS304 Stainless Steel
Lid - SUS304 Stainless Steel
Grill Pan - Non Stick Teflon-coated
Glass Lid - Tempered Glass
Steam Tray - SUS304 Stainless Steel

- Do not turn on the temperature when there is no water or food in the cooking pot as this will damage the pot.
- Do not rinse the heating base into water.
- Please avoid rubbing the surface of the cooking pot with hard objects.
- Do not put the cooking pot/grill pan into the dishwasher.

- Fill up the ‘Maximum’ line indicated in the pot.
- Grill Pan: Risk of injury and burn due to high temperature when grill pan is in use. DO NOT touch with bare hands.

Care and Cleaning:
- Recommended to let the cooking pot/grill pan cool down before cleaning.
- Clean the heating base with dry cloth or kitchen towel.
- If there is any stain after heavy cooking, use a non-abrasive sponge to clean off the pot surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the material of the pot?
It is made of SUS304 Stainless Steel.
What is the material of the grill pan?
It is made of non-stick teflon-coated. 
What is the material of the steam tray?
It is made of SUS304 Stainless Steel.
Is the pan removable? Can I wash the entire pan?
Yes, the pan is removable for washing. You are able to clean the heating element base with a towel but do not wash/rinse it directly to the water.
How many people can this cooking pot feed?
Accommodates 4-5 people at a time! Perfect for family/friends gatherings.
The heating base is hotter than usual when using. How to fix?
Some possible causes can be a foreign object stuck between the pot body and the heating plate, a deformation of the pot body or the heating plate, or the temperature controller malfunctioning.
To fix this:

Clean up the pot and the heating plate, adjust the bottom of the pot to ensure good contact with the heating plate. Any minor deformation can be polished with sandpaper, however, any serious unevenness should be replaced. If the temperature controller is at fault, you will have to replace the thermostat controller.
No heat from the heating base. How to fix?
Some possible causes can be the loosening of the thermostat screws or low transition of temperature, the oxidation of the thermostat contact point is no longer smooth, a blown heat fuse, or loose power cord.
To fix this:
The M3 screw of the thermostat can be adjusted slightly anti clockwise to avoid the operating temperature being too high. The thermostat contact point can be smoothen out with sandpaper. If the issue is due to the blown heat fuse or loose power cord, they both must be replaced.
The heating base has a tingling or numbing feel when touched. How to fix?
The most likely cause would be liquid flowing into the power cord plug or switch, thus reducing the insulation resistance.
To fix this:
Remove the electrical cord and clean the heating base. If there are any serious carbonization occurring, replace the heating base.



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