Gourmet Chef Granitestone Knife Set

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Gourmet Chef Knife Set
Every good chef owns a good set of knives, that’s for sure. Gourmet Chef Knife Set has just the tools for cooking everything and anything, with 6 versatile knives that efficiently slice up all sorts of ingredients. Made out of high-grade stainless GRANITESTONE non-stick coating, you can cut with ease without food sticking onto the knife, with its razor sharp blades that make for effortless slicing, chopping or dicing. It’s always super durable, and has a non-slip handle for your comfort and convenience. 

It comes with a bread knife which is serrated to cut through bread without crushing or deforming it in any way, a Santoku knife (aka '3 uses' in Japanese), which has 3 uses- chopping, dicing and mincing. They’re super sharp, powerful and great for cutting large pieces of fruits, meat, onions and creating perfectly thin slices. 

The set also comes with a slicer to cut slices of cooked meat, poultry or fish, an Ultra light chef knife specially designed to reduce surface area to slide through everything like soft butter, and an ultra sharp and handy size utility knife ideal for trimming poultry, cutting cheeses and cutting up fruits or vegetables. But of course, we’re not forgetting the essential paring knife, ideal for peeling purposes and other small and intricate work. With these versatile knives, you can now whip up any recipe of your choice quickly, easily and deliciously. 

Product Specifications
Made in China

Product Dimensions & Weight:
Bread Knife: 20cm/0.12kg
Santoku Knife: 20cm/0.15kg
Slicer: 20cm/0.12kg
Ultra Light Chef Knife: 14cm/0.06kg
Utility Knife: 13cm/0.05kg
Paring Knife: 9cm/0.05kg
Wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. Allow the product to air dry before storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the non-stick coating come off easily?
No, the non-stick coating is extremely durable. We have run tests on its scratch resistance and it has withstood 500 back and forths of a 500g scouring pad without signs of any blistering or coating coming off. 


What can the bread knife cut?
Any kind of bread/bagel/sandwich, even hard toasted ones.


What can the Santoku knife cut?
Large, bulky, hard fruit/vegetable, hard shells, raw meat, especially good for mincing onions. Use this knife for chopping, dicing, and mincing. 


What can the slicer cut?
Slices of cooked meat, poultry or fish.


What can the Ultra light knife cut?
Butter, Cheese, Boiled egg, Avocado, or food with similar textures.


What can the utility knife be used for?
Poultry, cutting cheeses and cutting up/slicing fruits or vegetables.


What can the paring knife do?
Ideal for peeling purposes, and other small or intricate work, such as deveining a shrimp, removing seeds from a jalapeno, skinning or cutting small garnishes.


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