HANJANG Laundry Sheet Set

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Hanjang Laundry Detergent Sheet

Are you facing a troublesome laundry dilemma every single day trying to solve the math equation when you don’t know how much detergent is actually required? Heavy and inconvenient ordinary detergents often leave trails of existence in your laundry room. Forget about bulky laundry powder or liquid detergent. Now, use convenience and be smart with Hanjang Laundry Detergent Sheets!


Hanjang Laundry Detergent Sheet is an ultra-concentrated Eco-friendly paper detergent which was developed to solve the problem of powder or liquid detergent. Using without a measuring cup, unlike ordinary detergent, causes a lot of inconvenient problems. Laundry detergent sheet is already perfectly pre-measured, so your clothes will come clean without fussing over a messy detergent measuring cup! 


Hanjang Laundry Detergent Sheet is perfectly liquified into the cold water and eliminates strains and pollutants with amazing detergency. Besides, it is a multi functional detergent which protects fabric and prevents statics with softening. Containing hydrated ingredients will inhibit the skin stimulation during the hand wash of laundry. 


Common problems of ordinary detergent are that powder detergent is not soluble in cold water and also congealed to laundry and gets dirty around the washing machine. Then for liquid detergent it consists of 70% water and washing power is not good enough. As it is used randomly without using a measurement cup of required quantity which is enclosed in the package, there is apprehension of overuse. The excessive use of detergent harms cloth and waste resources.


Are laundry detergent sheets better than ordinary detergent?



Product Specification

Made in Korea


Product Dimension (each box): 3.1cm (Width) x 25cm (Height) x 20cm (Length)

Weight (each box): 0.17kg 


Key Ingredient & Technology

Enzyme: Helps to break down stains and work best in cold water. Soften the fabric and give it a finished look.

Coco Glucoside: Used as a co-surfactant, can reduce the total active requirements of other foaming ingredients, without altering their performance; cleansing effectiveness, foam volume, and ease of thickening, are all maintained while improving on the mild, and gentle, nature of the final formulation.

Korean mint: Breaking up oil and grease into small parts to make it easier to clean.

Nano Silver: With nano silver antimicrobial finish the garments smell fresh and deter the growth of bacteria responsible for the unpleasant odour.


How to Use:

1. Put your laundry in the washing machine.

2. Throw the laundry detergent sheet in the washing machine. Just one is all you need. Read the packaging for heavily soiled items to see if more than one sheet is needed.

3. Turn the washing machine on. Softener added if needed.



How to Store:

- Store in room temperature place

- Keep out of reach for children below the age of 5



- For external use only

- Avoid contact with eyes

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between the Hanjang Laundry Detergent and other brands of detergent?
The Hanjang Laundry Detergent is a sheet that is made from Eco-friendly paper. The best part is-- you don’t have to use a measuring cup, which eliminates the hassle of putting too little or too much detergent. 



What if I have skin allergies? Can I still use it? 

Don’t worry if your skin gets irritated easily. The Hanjang Laundry Detergent is dermologically tested and it is suitable for all skin types. 



Can I save more water using the Hanjang Laundry Detergent? 

Yes you can. Typically for normal detergents, you have to rinse the detergent for more than three times. As for the Hanjang Laundry Detergent, you’ll just have to rinse it once or twice! 



Do I still have to use other detergents or cleaning products alongside with the Hanjang Laundry Detergent?

No. This is an all-in-one solution to achieve cleaner clothes! Unlike normal detergents, you still have to use fabric softener after washing.



Can this be used for any types of washing machines? 

Yes. Regardless of any washing machine you are using, the Hanjang laundry detergent is compatible with it! 





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