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Hurricane Steam Pro

Hurricane Steam Pro emits powerful high pressured hot steam for up to 20 mins.Multiple accessories allows you to steam clean from ceilings to floors, bedroom to the kitchen, garment steam apparels and even sanitize the kids’ toys!
High pressured steam helps to sanitize the kids’ toy and eliminates germs and bacteria while removing any bad odour without using any chemicals. Steam cleaning prevents the growth of bed bugs and dust mites living in your upholstery that you can’t see!
Beside that, different attachments allows you to steam clean almost any surfaces throughout the house while the flexible 360 degree rotating head means no restricted directions. 


Made in China


Material (Machine): Polypropylene

Tank Capacity: 350ml

Suggested Water Capacity: 250ml

Power: 900 - 1050W 

Voltage: 220 - 240V, 50Hz

Steam Pressure: 0.25 - 0.32 MPa


Directions on usage:

1. Place the steam cleaner on a level platform, push down the safety cover, unscrew the safety cap counterclockwise, and then install the funnel. The safety cap will be locked if there is any pressure in boiler to ensure safety for users.

2. Take 250ml clean water with the measurement cup and add the water into the tank. Maximum capacity of the tank is 350ml. Do not overfill the tank and some space must left in the tank. Re-install the safety cap and tighten it in position.

3. Check the power supply and socket,  and confirm they comply with the requirements given in the User Manual. Then turn on the power supply.

4. About 4 minutes after power supply is turned on, steam will ready (the indicator light will turn off) . At this time , push the button up and lightly press the steam button and check whether steam is sprayed out of the nozzle. (Do not aim the spray nozzle at other persons or objects).

5. If there is steam activated , please install suitable accessories according to your needs after you release the button.

6. Slide the safety catch and p ress down the steam button again to proceed with your cleaning requirements.


Refill water during operation:

1. Unplug the power cord and disconnect the power supply.

2. Press down the steam button to release the pressure until no steam is injected out.

3. Slowly unscrew the safety cap but do not remove it, and residual steam will be discharged slowly until steam is fully released . Then place the machine in a cool place to cool it down for about five minutes before completely remov ing the safety cap.

4. Use the funnel and measuring cup to refill a suitable quantity (250 ml) of clean water into the tank.

5. Re-install the safety cap onto the machine body and tighten it in position. 



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