K-Grill Infrared Electric BBQ Grill

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K-Grill Infrared Electric BBQ Grill

Less Smoke Less Grease Indoor BBQ
K-Grill Infrared Electric BBQ Grill is ideal for small spaces, such as HDB or condominium. In fact, it is designed with urban living in mind and is perfect for indoor kitchens or small balconies. It allows for both indoor and outdoor use, and with a non-stick grill pan and detachable oil reservoir, it's easy to achieve a perfect grill without any mess. As such, it is especially suitable for those who enjoy the bbq experience but don't have the space for a traditional grill. Unlike traditional outdoor charcoal and gas grills, indoor electric grills have more specific temperature controls. Much like an oven or stovetop, these controls allow you to set a certain amount of heat, which makes cooking a variety of foods easy and efficient.

K-Grill Infrared Electric BBQ Grill is using infrared light cooks quickly by heat conduction, convection and direct heat penetration. To allow excess fat into the oil reservoir to facilitate low-fat barbecuing, bringing you a healthy, fumeless and flameless indoor barbecue experience, forgoing the need for additional cooking oil.

In a wide temperature range of 150-200°C, the heating inverter system enables low-temperature cooking and prevents heat loss. Simplistic temperature knob to allow easy temperature adjustment. The heating arm can be rotated to the left or right for easy addition or retrieval of food. When the heating arm is displaced, heating automatically stops, and resumes when the heating arm returns to its original position.

Heat Penetration
The heat energy emitted by the infrared rays can directly penetrate food for speedy cooking.

Heat Convection

Heat energy causes the air to stir and circulate. This enables effective heat convection.

Heat Conduction

The premium grill pan conducts heat rapidly to transmit heat directly onto the food.



Product Specifications
Made in China

Product dimensions: 
Round Pan: 38cm (Width) x 31.5cm (Height) x 46.5cm (Length)
Square Pan: 31cm x 28cm
Product weight: 6.4kg
Cord Length: 2M
Power: 1450W
Voltage: 220V-240V
Frequency: 50/60Hz

- Rinse the grill pan with dish detergent. Scrub gently with a sponge.
- Remove the oil reservoir and scrub with water and dish detergent.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean the body of K-Grill Infrared BBQ Grill? Is there anything I have to pay extra attention to?
Wipe the body of K-Grill Infrared BBQ Grill with tissues or wet cloth. Be careful not to put your fingers into the hole at the bottom of the appliance when cleaning.
The heating element of my K-Grill Infrared BBQ Grill goes off and on again repeatedly. Is it faulty?
No, it is normal. The heating element goes off when the desired cooking temperature is reached. Once the temperature of the grill drops below the set temperature, the heating element will turn on again automatically. Please note that when the barbecue grill is heated at high temperature (over 220C) for an extended period of time, the built-in overheat protection will be activated. It may turn off for a moment. Once it is cooled down, the grill can be restarted again.
How do I clean the grill pan?
Clean with a damp cloth with mild detergent when the grill is still warm. If the stains have dried up, you may easily remove them by soaking the grill pan in water with mild detergent added for about a few minutes. Then, rinse with clean water.
How to set up the K-Grill Infrared BBQ Grill before use?
Place the grill pan and oil reservoir at the correct positions and switch on the power. Wait for a few minutes for the grill pan to heat up before grilling anything to ensure fast and thorough cooking.
How do I clean the oil reservoir?
Detach the oil reservoir from the grill and remove the oil inside. Then wash the entire reservoir with mild detergent and warm water.


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