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Kinohimitsu D’Tox Tea Ginger

Natural, traditional herbs blended together to create a light, delicious and caffeine-free beverage that helps to achieve results.

Kinohimitsu Detox Tea gently rejuvenates the body, lessening fatigue and restoring vigour to those who often feel weak or tired.

People who lead hectic, demanding lifestyles often experience more physical and mental discomfort, and Kinohimitsu Detox Tea can help to remedy your problems.

Ginger has been well-known for over 5000 years for its powerful health imparting properties and is said to have most potent medicinal properties.


Key Ingredients

Ginger - It has a wholesome effect on the circulatory system as it makes the platelets less sticky and is of great benefit especially for circulatory disorders.

Orange Peel - As a digestive aid stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid.

Uva Ursi - It stimulates the kidneys and the bladder, and nourishes the entire urinary tract. The herb neutralizes acidity in the urine, increasing urine flow, therefore reducing bloating & water retention, making it beneficial for weight loss.


How to Consume

Steep Tea bag per cup 2-5 mins to desired strength and taste. Once to twice daily. One tea bag each time. Raw honey may be added to enhance taste.


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I experience weight loss with this product?

You may experience weight loss temporarily from liquid and feacal being removed from the body.


When do I need to take ginger detox tea?

If you experience constipation, bloating, poor digestion, blemishes, bad breath or body odour you have toxin accumulation which requires a detox.


Is it normal to experience bowel movements with this tea? 

Yes we have ingredients to allow better bowel movement in this tea which help to remove any toxin build up.


Does this tea have added sugar? 

Our ginger detox tea does not contain added sugar! So if you are wanting to add any natural sweeteners you may.


Does the Ginger detox tea have an age recommendation? 

We recommend this product for 12 years and above.


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