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Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper

Just can’t get the right method to cut, dice or chop? Spending too much time just for these preparation work? We’ve faced the same situation as well! Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper is the perfect size for everyday use in the kitchen. Features a twist-free design that is super easy to operate. Great for quickly chopping ingredients, preparing dressings and sauces, and so much more. It assists you grind vegetables, to fruits, nuts, oor even meat in seconds with it’s sharp stainless steel blades. Saving prep time for your daily meals. Definitely a nice helper in the kitchen. 


Ergonomic design with a touch pulsing method allowing you to have full control of the results you desire. Simply hold down the button to start, release to stop. The thoughtful design of the removable non-slip rubber feet allows a stable non-slip grip along with reduced sound cushioning against the table surface. Besides, it is designed with detachable stainless steel blades for easy washing. The never-dull blade is constructed with 420 stainsteel steel material, not only can it withstand rust or corrosion, it is also highly durable and easy to maintain. With all these great properties, the Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper can complete the job in just a few seconds.


The 2L transparent soda-lime glass bowl leaves no after smell, and is thickened for durability against knocks and bumps! Being glass, it does not react to colour transfers which prolongs the clarity of the viewing transparency without staining. With its compact design, snug it aside with just a small space in your kitchen yet looking presentable for any sudden house visits. 


Safety first, right? When the Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper senses any abnormal heat from intense blending, it will automatically go to rest allowing the motor to prolong it’s lifespan. We suggest cutting food into smaller pieces before grinding. What’s more? The motor will function only when it is correctly installed, preventing any accidents!


Love cooking but hate cleaning? No worries,Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper can be easily cleaned with just a damp sponge and cloth. We suggest cleaning the machine and wipe it dry immediately after use for hygiene purposes.


Product Specification

Made in China


Capacity: 2L

Voltage: 220 - 240V

Frequency: 50 - 60Hz

Power: 300W

Product Dimension: 20.8cm (Width) x 22.6cm (Height) x 20.8cm (Length)

Weight: 1.96kg



Directions on usage: 

1. Place the unit on a sturdy stable worktop or table. 

2. Assemble the appliance, with the food in the bowl.

3. Plug the unit into the mains supply and switch on at the mains. You must ensure that the power cord is fully unwound.

4. The appliance has two speeds. "1" for slow speed and "2" for high speed. Hold the unit securely and then press down on the appropriate switch at the top of the motor unit to begin processing the food.

5. Release the pressure to switch the appliance off.

6. Operate the appliance in short bursts. Never allow the motor to run continuously for more than 20 seconds.

7. After 20 seconds of continuous operation allow the motor to cool down to room temperature.

It may be necessary to stop the unit, and re-distribute the food before continuing. Always unplug the appliance before removing the lid.

Pulse mode: To get finely chopped food, operate the appliance with the regular chopping blade for several short presses at high speed "2". 



- Ensure there is adequate work space. 

- Do not operate the unit with an empty bowl. 

- Do not run the appliance continuously for more than 20 seconds. After 20 seconds of continuous use let the unit cool down to room temperature (at least 2 minutes) before using it again.

- The chopping blade on this appliance is sharp. Treat it with care at all times and never allow fingers, hair; or clothing to contact the blade. When not in use the blade should be stored in the provided blade protector. 

- If you wish to scrape the contents of the bowl with a spatula, remove the blade attachment first.


Gourmet Chef Skinny Stacks

Skinny Stacks is an easy way to keep your food fresher for longer and stops you from wasting money on cling film and tin foil. This ingenious food preservation tray is safe, durable, and less wasteful for the environment and your pocket. The secret is the resistant film lid that pushes air from the tray, keeping its contents fresher for longer. Simply place your food on the lower tray section of Skinny Stacks, cover, and click. It gets rid of nearly all the air, instantly sealing and helping to preserve your food. It’s perfect for any kind of food: seafood, raw meat, cheese, fish, fruits and more. And, of course, it’s flat and stackable meaning it will save you space in the fridge.



With a clear lid that lets you instantly see what’s being stored, Skinny Stacks is the perfect way to keep food, like leftovers, fruit, meat and vegetables in perfect, fresh condition. But Skinny Stacks is far more than just a way to preserve food in your fridge. The clever design means that it works as both a way to store food, AND a way to serve it. Prepare your appetizers in advance and serve them directly on the tray! There’re perfect for picnics, birthday parties, celebrations and even camping.



Skinny Stacks has a unique ultra-resistant stretchy TPU film lid that is super-durable, so it can wrap and seal around odd-shaped, bulky items like half an avocado, but flexible enough that it won’t squash or flatten soft food like salmon or boiled eggs. PLUS, the seal means that fruit and veg won’t spoil or go brown as quickly. This means that it gives you all the see-through, flexible qualities of cling-film and the rigidity of tin foil, but it’s super-strong and totally reusable, meaning less waste, less cost on buying wrapping that you’re going to throw away, and less hassle and time trying to work with flimsy, hard-to-control, torn pieces of film and foil.



Skinny Stacks are designed to be stacked, without harming the contents, so you can have several Skinny Stacks, easy to see and access, taking up a fraction of the precious fridge space that individually wrapped food on plates would use. It’s also great for freezing, use Skinny Stacks to keep food in the freezer then defrost it in the microwave – and why not wash it, stacked just like a plate, in the dishwasher? Skinny Stacks will save you space in the fridge and freezer, money on film and foil and, of course, it saves your food from spoiling and causing unnecessary waste!




Product Specification

Made in China


Weight: 0.26kg each

Packaging Dimension: 30.6cm (Length) x 3cm (Height) x 22.8cm(Width) - each


Nicer Dicer Quick

Nicer Dicer Quick is the compact, portable hand - held food prep system that will slice, dice, chop and wedge your vegetables and fruit in a single second! With three interchangeable super - sharp blade inserts made of the finest GNOX steel you can do away with knives and chopping boards that need to be cleaned after every use. Food is chopped right into the bowl, pot, pan or dish.

Then, Nicer Dicer Quick can be rinsed under a tap and it's ready to go ag ain. Swapping blades is so quick and easy that you can go from slicing orange segments and back to dicing onions in seconds! Simply place the blade you want into position, place the food on top and snap the upper section into place. In just one second you can have ten slices, thirty cubes or six segments or wedges in the time it takes to snap shut the incredible Nicer Dicer Quick. And, when you're done, just lock it closed and store it in a drawer!



Materials: Plastic and steel

Net Weight: 282g

Gross Weight: 353g

Dimension: 39.5cm (L) x 23.8cm (W) x 18cm (H)


Smart Cutter 7 in 1


Smart Cutter doubles up as a knife and cutting board in one, chopping and slicing food in mere seconds. Super safe without making a mess, it’s great for cutting, slicing and chopping veggies, fruits, and many more! Want to add in extra ingredients into your food? You don't have to go through the hassle of whipping out a knife and cutting board to chop them up. Smart Cutter replaces your cutting board and knife all in one, so you can slice up your food directly over your salads, soups, hotpots, or anything you like!


It has 7 different functions for you - Cutting scissors, cutting board, bottle cap opener, bone cutter, peeler, fish scaler, and it even has a detachable knife with high quality stainless steel blades. Never experience kitchen mishaps or cuts again with Smart Cutter. It has a locking feature for safe storage, so you can rest assured and use it with ease!


Not only that, but Smart Cutter has a spring loaded soft grip handle with an ergonomic design that allows for a comfortable, non-slip grip making preparing for meals more effortless than ever! Cleaning and washing is also a breeze, and the Smart Cutter is even dishwasher safe. It’s convenient, versatile and super multi-functional - a definite must-have for your kitchen!




Made in China 



- Blades: Stainless Steel 

- Cutting Board: PP Material

- Handle: Food grade ABS soft grade silicone


Weight: 207grams 


- Whole Cutter: 24.5 cm 

- Handle: 9.5cm 


Directions on usage:

To engage safety lock:

Squeeze the handle and push the safety lock button up to store the Smart Cutter in a closed position. 


To detach the knife:

Grip the handles at the same time and pull them away from each other, they will snap apart. You can then pull the piece with the knife out of the spring and use it as a knife, peeler, fish scale remover. To put it back together put the knife side through the slot of the other half. Make sure to fit the small cylinder piece that sticks out on the knife side into the spring on the other side. Push the two handles together and it should snap back together.



Wash it by hand or in the dishwasher. Allow the product to air dry before storage. Ensure that the safety lock is engaged when washing or storing. 

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