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Are you looking for a durable, long-lasting non-stick and lightweight cookware? Well! Korea King Titanium + Granite cookware set is your first choice. Korea No.1 cookware, you can be assured of the Korea brand Korea King pan’s quality. 


Korea King contains an induction base and it can fit all types of cooktops. It’s an innovative non-stick coating that adds 7th generation technology that is titanium and granite anti-scratch coating which is covered with 8 unique and patented layers. Hence it is highly resistant to heat and able to retain heat. Thus, it effectively and efficiently reduces your energy consumption as well as healthier cooking, less oil even no oil needed. Additionally, the exterior of the pan has a honeycomb design with ceramic coating to repel oil for an easy wash if there happens to be a spill-over while cooking.


Moreover, you are able to move your cookware with ease. With its low mass and bakelite handle, you can be sure of easy and safe lifting without external help. With such low maintenance cookware at such a great deal, you can be sure to venture into your cooking expedition with confidence. What are you waiting for? Grab it now!


Do not cook under big fire, as it will harm the non-stick function of the pan.


Made in Korea


- 26cm Fry Pan: Titanium + Granite

- 28cm Wok Pan: Titanium + Granite

- 28cm Lid: Tempered Glass 


26 cm Titanium + Granite Fry Pan Set 

- 26cm Fry Pan: 878g

28cm Titanium + Granite Wok Pan Set

- 28cm Wok Pan: 968g

- 28cm Tempered Glass Lid: 774g


26 cm Titanium + Granite Fry Pan Set

- 26cm Fry Pan: 26cm (Length), 26cm (Width), 9cm (Height)


28cm Titanium + Granite Wok Pan Se

- 28cm Wok Pan: 28cm (Length), 28cm (Width), 12cm (Height)

- 28cm Tempered Glass Lid: 28cm (Diameter)



For the suggestion, please let the pan cool down after cooking. While washing, scrub gently with a sponge and neutral detergent, then rinse with water. To manage a long term condition, avoid using metal scourers or abrasive scrubs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the coating of a Korea King pan?

It is made of 8 ply Unique & Patented Layers.

What is the material of the non-stick?

It is made of Titanium & Granite Anti-Scratch Coating.

What is the material of the handle?

It is of bakelite material.

What is the material of Korea King’s outer?

It is made of ceramic Coating with  honeycomb design.


What is the material of the lid?

It is made of tempered glass.

What type of cooktops can I use Korea King on?

You may use it on any kind of cooktops including induction cookers and gas stoves.

Can I use metal spatula while cooking?

For better care, it is recommended to use a non-metal spatula, to prolong the lifespan of your cookware.

Can I scrub the pan?

Although you may, it is recommended to use non-abrasive scrub while washing, to prolong the lifespan of your cookware..



Only the 28cm wokpan with lid?

Yes. However, there’s no lid for the 26cm fry pan. 

Are all the Korea King pan non-stick?

Yes, they are all non-stick.



Is the exterior of the pan non-stick?

Yes, It has ceramic coating, which has non-stick properties and is easy to clean.

Is it PFOS & PFOA Free?

All Korea King pans are PFOS & PFOA Free.

Scratch Resistance?

It is not scratch proof, but can withstand scratches quite well. Even when some of the material has been scratched off, food is still safe for consumption and the non-stick property is still maintained quite well. To prolong the life of the pot and its durability, avoid using metal spatulas / cooking utensils while cooking. 

Is it alright if I wash the pan immediately after cooking?

Yes you may, but it is recommended to let the pan cool down before washing to ensure a longer lifespan for the pan. 

How long can Korea King last?

It can last for a few years, but it also depends on how you use it.

Where is it made in?

100% made in Korea.

Can I cook my food without oil?

Sure, you may cook your food without oil because of Korea King’s non-stick properties. However, it is still highly recommended to use a little amount of oil when cooking in order to prolong the durability of the pan surface.


Can I use high heat to cook?

High heat/fire is not required to cook on Korea King cookware as the cookware has great heat distribution. And too much heat will harm the non-stick functions too.


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