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Through intensive R&D, KPLASS cough relief patch uses transdermal absorption, infra-red effect and magnetic function to relieve cough – No oral medicine, no injection!

By applying it to specific acupoints, active ingredients in KPLASS cough relief patch can penetrate the skin barrier, where remanence induced by far-infrared light waves and magnetic powder can activate cells, increase local blood flow, improved blood circulation and metabolic function to treat and prevent coughing.



Adhesive non-woven fabric, bamboo charcoal powder, far-infrared ceramic powder, plant essence, release paper


Frequently Asked Questions

What is so special about KPLASS cough relief patch and why?  

KPLASS cough relief patch is developed based on the traditional Chinese medicine "Apply external treatment for internal disease" (内病外治) and Meridian Conduction" (经络传导) theories, combines traditional acupoint application and medicinal properties of Chinese herbs with modern technology of infrared light and magnetic effect to relieve cough while reducing any toxic side effects to our digestive systems – No oral medicine, no injection needed! 

By applying it to specific acupoints, the active ingredients of our patch rapidly penetrate the skin barrier through transdermal absorption and remanence induced by far-infrared light waves and magnetic powder activate cells, increase local blood flow, improve blood circulation and metabolic function to treat symptoms of cough, expectoration and sore throat, and bring instant relief to you and your loved ones.


What are the functions of Far Infrared?
Infrared is an invisible light that possesses a strong thermal effect. The far infrared magnetic powder present in KPLASS cough patch acts as a boost to the medication. The thermal effect opens the pores which then allows the medication to be transferred to the acupoint efficiently.

On top of that, it helps increase regeneration of cells and activation of cells, improve and increase blood circulation, reduce inflammation, improve immunity and increase metabolism. 


What is the suitable age for use of KPLASS cough relief patch?
KPLASS cough relief patch is suitable for 2 years and above.


How long should I leave KPLASS cough relief patch on the skin?
It should be pasted on the skin for at least 4-6 hours and then to be torn off. To help ease cough and expectoration during nighttime, apply KPLASS cough relief patch before bedtime, leave it overnight ad enjoy uninterrupted sleep.


How to apply KPLASS cough relief patch?
You can simply follow the instructions on the packaging, i.e. peel off the 2 release papers and paste patches to the 3 designated acupoints:
Tiantu (天突) – Center of the Collar Bone;
Danzhong (膻中) – Center of the Chest;
Dazhui (大椎) – Top First Center Bone of Spine.


Is KPLASS cough relief patch registered with HSA and safe to use?
Yes, KPLASS cough relief patch is both FDA- and HSA-approved and ISO-certified.


Who are not recommended to use KPLASS cough relief patch? 
KPLASS cough relief patch is not recommended for:
Pregnant women;
People with ventricular assist device (VAD), also known as mechanical circulatory support device;
Use with caution if you have hemoptysis, broken skin, ulceration and/or skin infection. 
If there are slight itching and redness on the application area, please apply the anti-allergy ointment externally, and use the patch after the symptoms disappear. 


How should I store the KPLASS cough relief patch?
Keep the zip-locked bag sealed, store the products in a dry room at normal temperature.


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