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All your food preparations in one great system with Noviva Premium Multi Slicer you have all your food and veg prep taken care of, quickly, easily and in the size of portions you need to feed a whole family in one go. You can dice, cube and slice, or make 'juliettis', spirals, and juliennes as well as fine and coarse grating - All with one device!

The cutting lid optimised for improved, effortless chopping! There are also those super-sharp blades made from the hardest, finest 420 corrosion resistant surgical grade quality stainless-steel, so you know you're getting a 'cutting-edge' cutting edge on every slicer, dicer and grater you use.

The Noviva Premium Multi Slicer is very much useful just because of its easy maintenance. You just need to properly wash it and it is the thing you have to do for its maintenance. The Noviva Premium Multi Slicer is extremely easy to use and to assemble. The slicer pretty much comes working out of the box and does not require any electricity to operate. It is made to be compact and comes in a box for easy storage. There are rubber suction feet below so it stays in place and little compartments for the different blades. 


Made in China


  • Blades: 420 Stainless Steel
  • Upper side of slicer: ABS
  • 1.5L container: ABS
  • Blade holder: ABS
  • Protector: ABS
  • Container cover: PP
  • Support for dicing blade: PP
  • Cleaning tool: PP



  • Multi Slicer: 1.5L


Weight: 576g


Dimensions: 27cm x 11cm x 11cm

Directions on usage: 

  • Place the chosen blade on its proper support and then place the support on the main piece of the cutter. Food will slide down to the lower side of the cutter when you use it.
  • To grate, hold the Noviva Premium Multi Slicer firmly with one hand to prevent it from moving and use your other hand to slide the food over the grater.
  • Make sure your hands are kept at a safe distance from the blades.
  • Use the protector when the piece of food is small.
  • To cut, place the food on the chosen dicing blade and push the upper side of the cutter down. 
  • The food will be stored in the container.

Prior to first time usage: 

  • Keep it out of reach from children
  • Wash the cutter and blades before using it for the first time.
  • Use Slicer cautiously along with the hands-free blade guard protector
  • Keep slicer from hitting or failing on hard surfaces to avoid damage on the blades
  • Do not use your Noviva Premium Multi Slicer to cut bones or frozen food
  • Do not touch the blades directly.


We recommend hand-washing with water and soap, with the help of a soft sponge. Use the clean tool to eliminate the rest of the food on the blades and cutter. 

To avoid rust, we recommend drying after washing.


Free Gift

Swift Chopper + Peeler




  • Peeler: PP
  • Swift chopper Cover: PP
  • Mixing Blade: PP
  • 3 Blades holder: DPE
  • Swift blade container: PS



  • Swift Chopper: 400m



  • Swift Chopper: 200g


  • Height: 9cm
  • Diameter: 13cm

Directions on usage: (if necessary)




Frequently Asked Questions

How to assemble the cover on the container?

Hold the cover at a 90 degrees angle and push fit into the catch on the container. (Shown in user manual)


What kind of foods are not allowed to be used?

Frozen foods, meat and parts with bone.


How do I maintain?

Wash thoroughly with brush and soap. Dry it fully before storing in an enclosed area.


How to operate the slicer when using slicing blade, grater blade, julienne blade and spike grater?

You need to take the cover off from the container by holding it at a 90 degrees angle and pull it out. Then start to slice the food with the blade guard protector..


How do i use the blade guard protector

For longer items like carrots, cucumber or brinjal, you can use it without the blade guard protector till at least ¼ of it is left, make sure the pins beneath the blade guard protector are inserted into the food securely before using it to slide on the slicer. It is recommended that the pins are inserted on a flat surface of the food for optimum grip, make sure the ledging catch is well ledged onto the container, if the blade guard protector too far away from the ledge due to the thickness of the food, you need to slice it till it can ledge securely. Always practice caution. 


How to operate the slicer when using 1/2 square blade, 1/4 square blade and straight dicing blade?

You need to assemble the cover onto the container. Put the food on the blade. Hold the cover and push it down. For tougher items like carrots and such, more strength is required.


What food is suitable for a straight dicing blade?

Soft food like Tau Kwa (Pressed beancurd), sausages, fish cake.



How do I use the Swift chopper?


Swift chopper comes with 2 functions, the chopping function and mixing function.


For Chopping function: place ingredients inside the swift chopper container, attach the 3 blades tools onto the swift chopper container. Close the lid and make sure the lid is secured with the 3 blades tools. Pull the handle of the swift chopper to start chopping the ingredients. Pull at least 20 times for a more mince effect.



For Mixing function: place ingredients inside the swift chopper container, attach the mixing blade tools onto the swift chopper container. Close the lid and make sure the lid is secured with the mixing blades tools. Pull the handle of the swift chopper to start mixing the ingredients. 



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