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PHILIPS Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Series 4000

Philips 4000 Series cordless vacuum provides good pickup driven by compact digital motor.The slim, compact body goes fully flat on the floor to reach under low furniture and around tight corners.Lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and clean with less effort. The full vacuum weighs just 2.2 kg and the handheld alone less than 800 grams.


Unique dual dust containers separate particles by size for efficient dust collection. Larger particles are captured in the nozzle bin. Fine dust is transferred to the handheld bin with multi-layer filtration. Simple dustbin removal and emptying with only one click.


Digital motor engineered for powerful performance to pickup dirts on all hard floors. The motorized brush nozzle with anti-hair tangle solution delivers powerful pickup — and makes cleaning it simpler and more hygienic.


The 3 stage filteration system captures up to 99% of microparticles as small as 0.3 um micrometers and ensures long-lasting performance. High-capacity 2500Ahm Li-ion batteries provide up to 18 minutes of runtime in Turbo mode. 30 minutes in Regular mode.


Product Specification

Made in China


Product Dimension: 126.5cm (Length) x 26cm (Width) x 7.7cm (Height)

Product Weight: 2.2kg

Dust Tank Capacity: 0.25L

Battery Type: Li-Ion

Sound Power Level: 83dB

Voltage: 14.4V

Charging Time: 5 hours and above

Running Time: 30mins

Turbo Time: 18mins




1. Push the release button in the direction indicated by the arrow symbol and remove the brush roll.
2. Use your fingers to remove any trapped hair of debris from the brush.
3. Remove any remaining hair using the blade of the tool included, and brush off any loose hairs using the comb of the tool.
4. Place the brush roll back into position. Make sure to gently press it until you hear it click into place.
5. Close the dust bucket by gently pressing the lid until you hear the click. Make sure the lid is properly closed.


Dust Container

1. Push the button on the nozzle to remove the dust bucket.
2. Open the lid by pulling up the side tap.
3. Empty the dust bucket by tapping it gently over a bin.
4. Use the brush of the included cleaning accessory to clean the two metal mesh filters.
5. Close the dust bucket by the lid gently pressing the lid until you hear the click. Make sure the lid is properly closed. 
6. Attach the dust bucket back into the nozzle, by inserting one end first and then the other.


1. The filter of your vacuum model is in the dust container located in the handheld. Remove the dust bucket by pressing down the button.
2. Hold the bucket upside down and take out the filter set. It consists of three different parts: A filter holder, a paper filter and a foam filter.
3. Remove the foam filter from the filter holder and tap both parts over the bin. 
4. Wash the foam filter under running water, wring out excess water and allow it to air dry for 12 hours. Note: You cannot wash the paper filter.
5. When the foam filter is fully dry you can put it back in between the filter holder and the paper filter. 
6. Place the fully assembled filter set back into the dust bucket. 
7. Turn the dust bucket upside down and gently press it back into place until you hear the click.
Note: Please be aware that cleaning the filter regularly is very important to ensure maximum performance over lifetime. We recommend cleaning the filter every week.


For all warranty services:

Philips Consumer Care - Service Center

622 Lor 1 Toa Payoh, Level 1 Philips APAC Center, Singapore 319763


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 9 to 6 pm

Saturday 9 to 1 pm

Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday


Please keep your proof of purchase and register your warranty with Philips: Click Here >

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Philips 4000 Vacuum Cleaner accessories compatible with other models?
Accessories and spare parts for the Philips 4000 series are designed specifically for this model. While some Philips stick vacuum cleaner accessories may look similar, there are significant differences.

Please only exchange worn out or defective parts such as a filter, dust bag or brush with original replacements parts made for the Philips 4000 series. 


How do I open the dust bucket(s) of my Philips 4000 Vacuum Cleaner?

Steps to open the bucket in the handheld
1. Remove the handheld from the tube and hold it upside down over a bin.
2. Slide the button on top forward to open dust bucket lid. Clean it by tapping it carefully over a bin.
3. Close the lid. Make sure you hear the click.

Steps to open the bucket in the nozzle

1. Press the button on the nozzle to release the dust bucket. 
2. Open the lid by pulling up the side tab.
3. After emptying the dust bucket, close it by clicking in the lid.
4. Attach the dust bucket back into the nozzle. It is properly placed when you here a click.


Why does the light of my Philips 4000 Vacuum Cleaner flash red and/or green?

The light on the vacuum cleaner flashes red
When the light of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner blinks red, it indicates that the battery is empty. Charge the battery by placing the appliance on the charging station or wall mount.

The light on the vacuum cleaner flashes red and green
When the light of your Philips 4000 vacuum cleaner blinks red and green, it indicates one of the following scenarios:
1. The filter is clogged or full. Please clean the filter.
2. An object may be stuck inside the nozzle or tube. Check the nozzle and tube for blockages and remove them.
3. The adapter or battery may be defective. Please contact the Consumer Care Center or take the appliance to an authorized Philips service center.


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