Sparky Kleen Tank Shot Multipurpose Cleaner Set

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Sparky Kleen Tank Shot Multipurpose Detergent

Are you facing stubborn stains or sticky grease in your house? The sticky residue can be found in every corner of the kitchen. Stuck-on grease from the surfaces where cooking oil loves to land and it will also damage your kitchen cabinet! 


However, its versatility is often overlooked and it is not uncommon to see one limiting the use of a multipurpose cleaner to the kitchen only. Why not go through the hassle of switching between different products while cleaning different corners of your home when the same multipurpose detergent can do all the jobs as well? 


Sparky Kleen Tank Shot is innovatively formulated into a “one product fits all” solution, a Multi Purpose Cleaner has the advantage of high material compatibility as well as a wide range of uses, from all corners of your homes to the interior of your cars. It is a foam based cleaner that can effectively break down dirt, grease and grime as well as remove food stain and odour. 


Sparky Kleen Tank Shot is safe to use and antibacterial with 99.9% effectiveness by adding natural ingredients such as coconut oils and phytoncide. Coconut oils rich in vitamin A and B, protect and moisturize your skin, unlike other detergents that contain chemicals which cause dry skin. Besides, the substances extracted from orange and lemon decompose greasy dirt easily.


Mold Away

We are always facing a problem due to the lack of ventilation in the bathrooms, it can lead to a build-up of unsightly mould and mildew on shower curtains, wall tiles, bathtub, basin and toilet bowl which emits a musky smell... Tried using a strong solution like bleach to remove mould stains but failed? Instead of using a chemical cleaning product that might result in more residue or further damaging the finish on your cabinets, why not use a more mild and natural approach to clean your kitchen and bathroom?


Mold Away is the fast and safe solution to eliminate mold and mildew at its roots, for good. Just apply some Mold Away wherever you find mildew and allow the spores to dissipate and disintegrate. Unlike those spray alternatives that run and drip off the target area.  Mold Away’s easy to apply gel squeezes directly from the tube and stays right where you put it. 


Forget about scrubbing vigorously to get rid of the mold or even getting multiple cleaning products. With Mold Away, you can simply apply onto any surfaces with mold and mildew and just watch it take effect as Mold Away has concentrated gel for precise action.


Product Specification

Made in Korea


Capacity: 520ml

Packaging Dimension: 25.5cm (Width) x 15cm (Depth) x 22cm (Height)

Weight: 3.24kg


Key Ingredient

Orange & Lemon: Powerful in degreasing, remove odour, natural bleaching functions

Coconut Oils: Rich in vitamin A & B to protect and moisturise skin

Phytoncide: Natural anti-microbial product and best in sterilization 


How to Use:

Spray directly then wipe with clean cloth or sponge, and wash it. 

(Recommended to soak 5-10minutes for stubborn stains)


How to Store:

- Store in room temperature place

- Keep out of reach for children below the age of 5



- For external use only

- Avoid contact with eyes

- Switch off the nozzle after use




Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Sparky Kleen Tank Shot?

Spray directly then wipe with clean cloth or sponge, and wash it.



After using Sparky Kleen Tank Shot, do I need to wash off the product?

Yes, you will need to wash off the product. Just simply wash it with clean water.



Can I remove the greasy stains on the kitchen hood and filter?

It is recommended to soak in 5-10 minutes for better results.



Can it be used on any surface?

Yes, as long as clean it well after use.



Why can’t I remove some tough stains?

You might need to use the Sparky Kleen Tank Shot for a longer period of time for tough stains that have been stained for a prolonged period of time..



Why can’t Sparky Kleen Tank Shot remove black mould in my bathroom?

Sparky Kleen Tank Shot is more suitable for removing stubborn stains, rust, greasy dirts. 

(Recommended to use Sparky Kleen Tank Shot’s free gift - Mold Away to clean the black mould)



Does the product contain harmful ingredients?

Sparky Kleen Tank Shot does not contain harmful ingredients and is made from natural plants extracts. It is also bleach-free & environmentally safe.



I have sensitive skin, can I use Sparky Kleen Tank Shot?

Sparky Kleen Tank Shot does not contain harmful ingredients but  it is recommended to do a skin patch test first before having any drastic contact.


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