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Thomson Circulon 125
Ringing in the ear? Difficulties in concentration? Do you suffer from these 2 symptoms? You might suffer from poor blood circulation. These are not the only symptoms showing that you are suffering from poor blood circulation but it may also cause headache, dizziness, pain in walking and also poor memory. 

Thomson Circulon 125 contains Activated Ginkgo biloba extract, in order to combat common health problems faced by people in today’s hectic and demanding lifestyle. In worst cases, people can suffer from Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), which causes poor circulation in the legs, causing blood clots, partially blocking the flow of blood, and can lead to Varicose veins, Diabetes, Obesity and Raynaud’s disease.

Blood flow is important. It supplies oxygen to all the tissues, carries nutrients to all parts of the body, and removes waste products from body tissues. The Ginkgo biloba works as an antioxidant to help improve blood flow, fight inflammation, and protects the nerves. This in turn helps to enhance healthy blood flow and oxygen supply to the brain, heart and extremities, reduces blood viscosity, relieves numbing in the hands and feet, as well as improving concentration, memory and general mental alertness, especially in the elderly.

Thomson Circulon 125 with 125mg of Activated Ginkgo Biloba in one tablet contain higher strength for your daily needs. It is suitable for college students, working class and elderly.

Recommended dose:
Take one tablet once daily after food. 


How to Store:
Store in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and moisture.

Product Comparison


Thomson Activated Ginkgo Extract 40mg

Thomson Circulon 125

Ginkgo biloba extract

Each tablet 40mg

Each tablet 125mg

Young Ginkgo leaves used



Daily dosage

3-6 tablets

1 tablet


Bottle pack

Blister pack

Tablet shape

Triangular shape

Round shape


Lower dosage strength, provides flexible dosing.

Higher dosage strength, provides convenient dosing, easier compliance, and works better in the brain.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Thomson Activated Ginkgo and Thomson Circulon?
Both these products contain Ginkgo Biloba extract from Japan with patented with ACTIVATION technology from Japan to enhance the absorption of its active ingredients. Thomson Activated Ginkgo contains 40mg of the said Ginkgo Biloba extract which Thomson Circulon contains 125mg, providing a higher strength and more convenient dosing.


What are the advantages of Thomson Circulon?
Thomson Circulon is produced from young Japanese Ginkgo leaves and patented with ACTIVATION technology from Japan to enhance the absorption of its active ingredients. it is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 24% ginkgoflavoglycosides and 6% terpene (rich in ginkgolide B) which are the key active ingredients found in Ginkgo Biloba. Also, Thomson Circulon contains low ginkgolic acid levels that the recommended minimum. It is free of pesticides, fungicides, yeast, sugar, colouring and preservative.


What is Ginkgolic Acid?
Ginkgolic Acid is a substance found in high amounts in Ginkgo Biloba nuts/fruits, but also in other parts of the plant. It is known to cause allergic reactions and damage to cells. Thomson Activated Ginkgo and Thomson Circulon are tested to contain less than 1ppm of Ginkgolic acid to ensure high levels of safety.


Is Thomson Circulon suitable for vegetarians?


What is the recommended dosage of Thomson Circulon?
For adults, we recommend 1 tablet a day. For those with a sensitive stomach, it is best taken after meals. Some who experiences alertness and difficulty sleeping at night, take the last dose in the evening, not too close to bedtime.


People who need to be caution when taking Ginkgo biloba supplement:
- Pregnant or breastfeeding women 
- Those with epilepsy 
- Those with bleeding disorder 
- Those undergoing surgery 
- People who taking blood thinner (e.g. Warfarin, Aspirin, Clopidogrel), Ibuprofen, statins, blood pressure lowering or diabetes medicines.)



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