TIGER Stainless Steel Handy Jug

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TIGER Stainless Steel Handy Jug

TIGER Stainless Steel Handy Jug is a simple and easy to use to enjoy your time at the dining table. The 7.5 cm wide mouth design makes it easy to clean the inside thoroughly by hand and designed as a one touch detachable lid, easily operational lever. Drink comes out when the lever got pushed and the body tilted. It is easy to pour even while grabbing the handle.

Besides, it designed as a vacuum insulation - Insulated stainless double wall realizes high heat retention and cold storage! Keep warm drinks warm, cold drinks cold, keep drinking temperatures for a long time. Laser welding, Tiger's original technique, used in the bottom part prevents the waterdrop from entering inside of the body. Therefore, the body is washable entirely and well drained. “Super Clean” interior finish to protect against odors and stains!


Product Specifications

Made in China/Vietnam


Capacity: 1.6L

Heat Retention: Up to 10 hours

Cold Retention: Up to 10 hours

Product Dimension: 24.5cm (Height) x 16.6cm (Length) x 13cm (Width)

Product Weight: 0.76kg


How to Use:

1. Turn the inner stopper to remove it

2. To keep beverages warm/cool longer, first pour a small amount of hot/cold water into the main body and let it sit for one or two minutes

3. Pour hot/cold beverage into the main body

4. Place the inner stopper onto the jug

5. Press the push lever before tilting the jug and pouring the beverage

6. After pouring, hold the jug in an upright and level position, and wait 2 to 3 seconds before releasing the push lever


How to Clean:

Upper part of inner stopper 

1. Wipe with a damp cloth. (Do not wash)

2. Wipe off with a dry cloth and allow each part to
dry thoroughly.

Main Body

1. Wash each part using a sponge with diluted detergent water or lukewarm water and then thoroughly rinse with water.

2. After washing the main body, immediately use a dry cloth to wipe off the moisture on its outer surface. (This may lead to water marks remaining on the body and can lead to rust)

3. Thoroughly shake off any remaining water and dry the body.

*To prevent odor - Before using or after pouring any liquids such as
teas or drinks with sugar, thoroughly clean the jug
by repeatedly rinsing with boiling water. This will
help prevent odors and keep the jug clean.



- Do not soak the main body.
- Do not wash (only wipe) the upper part of the inner stopper.
- Do not use harsh or abrasive materials such as thinner, bleach, chemical cleaner, steel wool and/or hard brush.
- Do not place in dishwashers or dryers.
- Be sure to attach the gaskets to the inner stopper.
- Wash and dry each part thoroughly before storing for long periods without use.



- Keep out of reach of children

- Do not tilt or place this product on its side when it is full

- Do not shake, knock over, drop, or subject this product to strong collisions

- Do not use this product near stoves or open flames, or in direct sunlight

- Do not fill the product above the maximum level

- Securely close the inner stopper.

*Make sure that the cap is fitted securely before pouring beverages


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