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Contour PowerBed 

Cannot get your sleeping position right? Or perhaps, your pillow does not provide enough support? With Power Bed, you can now adjust your bed, similar to those adjustable beds outside, with just a few buttons!


With its 3-buttons remote control, adjusting to the height that you want is not an issue. Moreover, Power Bed can be placed underneath any bed surfaces such as coil springs or foam mattress.


In just less than 3 steps, you would be able to inflate a Power Bed in no time! With an elevation in your sleeping platform, snoring problems will cease to exist. You can choose to place the Power Bed underneath either end of your bed.


With a better and improved sleeping height and position, you will be sure to get high quality sleep. With Power Bed, working the next day will not be filled with dread. Grab your chance to get the best sleep you’ll ever have!



Made in China


Material: Polyester on PVC

Power: 200W

Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz



- Single: 3.68kg

- Queen: 4.05kg

- King: 4.4kg


Power cord length: 1.6m

Remote control wire length:1.45m

Hose length: 1.5m



- Single: 53.3cm x 91.4cm

- Queen: 53.3cm x 142cm

- King: 53.3cm x 182.9cm


Directions on usage: 

1) Place the inflatable powerbed beneath your mattress either at the head section or the foot section.

2) Connect the tube to the air pressure machine.

3) Press and hold on the top button to inflate to your desires height before letting go.

4) Press and hold on the middle button to force deflate the air to lower the height or fully flatten the powerbed.

5) Press once on the bottom button to allow air to naturally be released from powerbed (Quiet).


To clean or wipe off using a damp cloth or sponge



- Do not disconnect the tube from the air pressure machine when the Powerbed is inflated. The air can be maintained for about 3 months before losing some pressure if the tube is not removed from the machine even though the machine is powered off.

- Power Bed is not compatible with a water bed or mattresses with thickness greater than 35cm (14 inches).


Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are there?

Single, Queen and King


What does the set contain?

It contains the Power Bed, Air Pump, Hand Control, Power Plug, Hose and manual.

What sizes is Power Bed available in?

Power Bed comes in 3 different sizes - Single, Queen and King. Please choose the size that suits your bed dimensions.




Where can I place my Power Bed?

You may choose to place Power Bed underneath either end of your bed - whichever side you wish to elevate.


Is Power Bed only meant to be used when sleeping?

You need not use a Power Bed for sleeping only. You may even use it during the day while working in bed or even use it when you’re using your phone or reading a book!


Does Power Bed work well with any mattress?

Yes it does!


Do I have to deflate the Power Bed every time after using?

Although it is recommended, it is not necessary to deflate every single time after use.


What is the difference between “Flat” and “Force Deflate”?

Both functions release air, but “Flat” releases it in a quieter manner.


Is Power Bed long lasting?

Power Bed can last quite long! Even without deflating for 3 months, it will still hold 90% of the air!


Will the Power Bed material rip easily?

Power Bed is meant to be placed under the bed, so unless it is being jabbed with sharp objects, it would not rip easily.


What is the maximum weight a Power Bed can hold?

For the single size, it can hold up to 600kg, while both the king and queen size can hold up to 1000kg.


Power Bed air bladder is made of polyester on PVC




How should I clean my Power Bed?

To clean or wipe off using a damp cloth or sponge




Does Power Bed come with a mattress?

It does not come with a mattress as Power Bed is intended for use with your current mattress and can be used with almost any conventional type of mattress: any conventional bed: coil spring, foam, latex, gel, air, and futon.


What is the maximum level of elevation of a Power Bed?

Power Bed can be elevated up to 26 inches!


What is the length of the remote control wire?



What is the length of Power Cord?



What is the length of the hose?



How long does it take to inflate?

It depends on the weight of your bed. When it was tested without weight, the Power Bed was inflated in less than a minute.


Power and Voltage

Power: 200W

Voltage: 220-240V, 50Hz

Lengths of Power Cord, Remote Control Wire and Hose

Power cord length: 1.6m

Remote control wire length:1.45m

Hose length: 1.5m


Dimensions (inclusive of packaging):

- Single: 53cm (W) x 17cm (L) x 32.5cm (H)

- Queen: 53cm (W) x 17cm (L) x 32.5cm (H)

- King: 53cm (W) x 17cm (L) x 32.5cm (H)



- Single: 3.68kg

- Queen: 4.05kg

- King: 4.4kg



The Unit is powered on but the bed will not rise

- Check that the Hose is properly connected

- Ensure that there are no kinks in the Hose

- Ensure that the Hose is not trapped beneath the bed

- Check for leaks in the Hose or air Bladder

The Air Pump is too loud

- Do not place the Air Pump next to a wall. Try placing it on a carpet or towel instead.

It takes a long time for the bed to flatten

- Ensure that the Hose is clear and straight. 

- Use the “FLAT” button for quick deflation

The mattress is not flexing well

- Your body’s weight must rest on top of the mattress in order for the mattress to fully flex

The Air Bladder loses air.

- Ensure that the Hose’s connection to the Air Pump is properly twisted and locked.

- In the rare instance of a leak, please contact our customer service at +65 6742 1771

The mattress slides off the bed frame

- Using Power Bed on a bed frame with a footboard is recommended


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