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Is body pain becoming second nature to you? Well don’t lose hope for now we have Copper Fit Back Support and Knee Sleeves for you! Did you know that back pain can also cause knee pain due to the connecting nerves in our body, so it is normal to experience both pains simultaneously. Especially for Office Workers who sit down for long periods of time, for those who are constantly on the move or simply recovering from muscle ache, pain is a common occurrence for you. Forget about those sticky and pesky pain relief patches and get your Copper Fit today.


Copper Fit is made from high performance material that will not lose its shape after many usage and washes, don’t need to worry about it loosening and dropping  anytime soon. As copper has thermal regulating properties, it helps increase the blood flow. When combined with the compression, it enhances the blood circulation, reduces swelling and relieves joint and muscle stiffness and aches, all planned out to satisfy your needs. To provide you with the best comfort,

Copper Fit has a moisture wicking technology to help you stay cool, it also reduces odour and is non-irritating to the skin, suitable for all skin types. Allowing you to wear it for long periods of time without feeling hot and stuffy, maximising the efficiency of Copper Fit in aiding your body.   


Is having back pain a major inconvenience to you? Being unable to sleep and perform your daily activities with ease, well don’t let yourself succumb to pain when you can use Copper Fit Back Support. It comes with a 4 built-in stabilizing support design to improve posture and reduce back pain and stress. For your best comfort, the double belt closure allows for customizable compression, adjust accordingly to your own needs! 


Knee pains are equally annoying too, every step you take is torturous. However now with Copper Fit Knee Sleeves, it can help relieve knee strains and fatigue by keeping your muscles warm, perfect for athletes. It can also be used to support and relieve those with arthritis and tendonitis, a perfect gift for the elderly at home. 



- Hand Wash Cold 

- Air Dry 

- DO NOT bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it machine washable?

- Hand Wash Cold 

- Air Dry

- DO NOT bleach, tumble dry, iron or dry clean


Can I wear Copper Fit Back Support and Knee Sleeve post surgery?

It is highly recommended to consult a doctor first before purchasing or using the product. However, you can wear the knee sleeve and/or back support after surgeries as long as it does not cause any additional discomfort or pain. If it does, please remove it and only wear it once the injury is healed. The product is NOT designed to speed up the healing process from post surgery injuries.


Are the products suitable for diabetic patients / pregnant women? 

Yes, they are.


Can I wear my Copper Fit products throughout the entire day? 

Yes, you may wear them throughout the whole day. Do however, remove it temporarily if you feel uncomfortable after wearing for long periods of time. 


Is the material very cooling? Or is the material very thick and heavyweight?

Copper Fit’s usage of Copper as a material allows for moisture-wicking technology that helps you to stay cool. The materials are also mostly lightweight and thin.


Does it withstand scratches well? 

Copper Fit products, although not completely scratch-proof, are durable and can withstand scratches rather well. In the case where you see scratches on your product, they do not significantly affect its quality / function in helping to relieve pain. If you do see visible, light scratch marks, these are usually just temporary and do not compromise the product’s quality. They may disappear simply by just stretching out the fabric a little. However, do not intentionally scratch the product. The experiment on the show is strictly just for demonstrative purposes.


Does the back support/knee sleeve help to speed up the healing process after a recent operation/surgery?

No, it does NOT help with speeding up the recovery or healing process post-surgery. 


Are the products suitable for diabetic patients / pregnant women? 

Yes, they are.


Does it come in other colours?

No it does not.



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