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Curble Chair is recommended for you who:

- Experiences backaches, stiff neck and shoulder while sitting

- Wants to correct the sitting posture

- Wants to maintain a healthy spine line

- Is a Office worker / Student that spends long hours sitting on a chair

- Enjoy reading or meditating while sitting

- Play computer games for long periods of time in poor posture


- Optimum angle to raise your waist upright
Curble Chair’s bottom surface is raised up by 35 degrees, (Curble Wider) making your body lean forward naturally in a sitting position. At this moment, Curble Chair’s support pushes your waist naturally to make a correct posture.

- Sitting
When sitting on Curble, the support’s leverage effect pushes the T-spine naturally to make a correct posture. Sitting in a correct posture reduces the posture on the spine and joint by up to 30%.

- Coccyx lifted & Supporting waist
Your coccyx is lifted naturally to disperse the pressure on the spine and correct the core muscles on your body.


Sitting puts more pressure on our spine than any posture and sitting in a poor posture puts even greater pressure on our spine. We live in a world that is flooded with digital devices and our posture is constantly at risk. Thus, when we sit, we have to sit on a chair that benefits our back the most. It is difficult to regain health in our back once it has been damaged. Maintaining a proper posture can relieve pain in our back and prevent disc herniation.



The Curble Wider helps you correct your sitting posture better than any other chair. The robot, nylon plastic molded frame stably supports the body and corrects your sitting posture while offering maximum comfort. Besides, Curble Wider is a corrective chair. Compared to the Comfy model, the tension of the plastic frame is stiffer and it pushes the back of the user more firmly while giving a stronger support on the entire body.


The seat of the Wider model is also 5cm longer than that of the Comfy model. The outer part of the seat of the Wider model is also elevated so in comparison to the Comfy model, the Wider model lifts up and brings together the pelvis more so that you can maintain a good posture and physique. Its spherical angle of the seat is deeper than that of the Comfy model. Hence when seated, the chair creates more leverage and offers a firmer back support.



Made in Korea



Chair Body: Plastic Resin

Cushion: Poly Urethane Memory Form + Polyester fabric


Weight: 880g 


Dimension: 31.6cm (Height) x 31.5cm (Depth) x 38cm (Width)



How to Use:

Step 1: Place the Curble chair 10cm-15cm away from the backrest of a regular chair

Step 2: Hold the Curble chair with both hands and put your hip seated deep to the end

Step 3: Your body weight naturally pushes the waist and corrects your posture



- This is a single chair, please do not seat more than 1 person.

- Please do not use it with a wet chair bottom or wet floor slippery.

- Please do not use Curble on chairs that have no back support or stool chair. It may cause the user to fall from their chair.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of chair can I use a Curble Chair with?

Curble Chair can be used with almost every kind of chair. Curble Chair should not slip when placed on your chair for it to be stable and create a leverage effect which is essential for posture correction. Curble Chair may slip on wooden or plastic chairs that don’t have any cushioning. Also, parents should watch over their children when they are sitting on a Curble Chair placed on a stool or a chair without a backrest.


What’s the difference between the Wider and Comfy models and who are these models recommended for?

The biggest difference is the feel that comes from the tension and design of the chair frame. The Wider model’s frame has a stronger tension and pushes the user more strongly. Its backrest is wider so it supports the bottom of the armpits more extensively. The seat of the Wider model is also 5cm longer than that of the Comfy model and its elevated rim pushes up the lumbar and pelvis and helps the user achieve better physique and posture.


The Comfy model is softer than the Wider model. It pushes the user’s back more gently and its backrest is more flexible. The Comfy model is more suited for people who lack flexibility and those who are not ready to sit on a rigid posture correction chair for long periods of time.


I have been diagnosed with herniated disc and I currently have pain in my back. Can I still use the Curble Chair?

If you currently have a back related problem or have problems in any part of your body, please use a Curble Chair after consulting with your doctor.

Curble Chair is an assistive device that can help you correct your posture.

It is an assistive device that can reduce the probability of getting back related disorders or help you delay age-related degenerative disorders by guiding you to a correct posture but the chair itself cannot treat or prevent the diseases.


I’m pregnant. Is it okay to use Curble Chair?

We do not recommend Curble Chair to pregnant women. But if you wish to use Curble Chair, please consult with your doctor first.


Does the Curble Chair come in one size only?

Curble Chair comes in 2 models. The Wider and Comfy models can be used by anyone over the age 12.


How many hours a day can I use Curble Chair for?

Gradually lengthen the time thinking of it as a training for correcting your posture. We recommend you to take a break if you feel pain in your back after using the Curble Chair.


How durable is Curble Chair?

Curble Chair is made with a durable nylon-plastic material and can be used semi-permanently unless it breaks from receiving a load greater than 300kg.


Can I wash the seat cushion by detaching it?

The seat cushion is not detachable but when it gets contaminated, you should wipe the stains and contaminants and dry the chair before using it again.


Can I use Curble Chair for my car seat?

Curble Chair is a posture correction chair and we do not recommend you to use it on your car seat for safety reasons. You may use it on passenger seats but ablue is not liable for any injury, damage, loss or accident which may be caused by using Curble Chair on car seats.



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