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Sporo Core Shaper

Do you always have the sudden urge of doing some exercise but always end up ditching the motivation away because you can’t even do a proper one? 


Let’s not talk about 6 pack abs but some core muscles are better for you to get through your day, especially getting out of your bed. Not everyone has an inclined sit up bench at home so we always try to find whatever foot latching sofa or bed to snug our feet underneath to secure ourselves when we do sit up but it’s always the lack of motivation to get you through.


We’ve found you a buddy to get you off the loop and kick start the motivation you need for your first ever proper sit up! 


Sporo Core Shaper is a full body workout gym that can be used in the comfort of your own home and to aid you doing your first ever proper and safe abs workout. Offering 10 different workout combinations to do with just 1 exercise equipment, you have the option to increase the workout intensity to transform and tone your body in no time. The patented rolling support movement aids in relaxing body stretching, great for your pre-workout warm up and post-workout cool down. 


With its foldable design, Sporo Core Shaper is easy to store away when not in use. Using the exercise chart manual included, Sporo Core Shaper helps aid beginners with basic workouts, making it suitable to use for everyone. Just this 1 piece of equipment can be used as a squat machine, rowing machine, sit up bar, push up stand and rolling massage machine. With the rubber protected legs, you do not have to worry about the machine moving or slipping while you are exercising.


These workouts include, but not limited to, roll and slide, push-up, sit up and slide, waist twist and leg raise, sit up, rope fly, rowing exercise, squat and arm swing, side leg stretch and squad. 


Enjoy working out and toning your body in the comfort of your own home!


For more workout options: Click here 


Product Specification

Made in China


Product Dimension: 

 Folded: 48.6cm (length) x 56.6cm (width) x 34cm (height)

91cm (length) x 54cm (width) x 43cm (height)


Weight: 6.7kg



Hula Waist Trainer

Are you frustrated to use a traditional hula hoop that keeps falling off your waist after every few rotations?


No more bothering to keep the momentum of the hula hoop rotation especially for beginners! This smart hula hoop is specially designed to fit most waistlines and will not fall off. It is easy to take off and won’t get you stuck or hurt. 


This smart Hula Hoop Trainer is simple to use just by allowing the gravity sphere to rotate around you. Compared to traditional hula hoops, the hula hoop will not fall, which solves the problem of beginners being unable to use it. Each linking segment includes a magnetic disk, and soft massage heads provide a 360° comprehensive massage effect, which doubles the fitness benefits.


When the gravity sphere of Hula Hoop Trainer is rotating quickly, the soft rubber massage heads (including magnetic therapy disks) deeply massage your muscles, helping you burn fat quickly and eliminating fatigue. It is particularly useful for postpartum waist training, after long periods of sitting in an office and when your physical fitness levels are low. Using the hula hoop for 30 minutes every day can allow you to accentuate all the curves of your waist.


In line with the concept of advanced magnetic therapy, the soft massage heads massage your stomach and abdomen from all angles while you exercise, effectively burning fat and lightly toning your figure. The Hula Hoop Trainer features a durable structured core, a smart numerical display which accurately records the number of rotations of the hula hoop, the time spent on exercising, the number of calories consumed and other scientific fitness data which you may need.


The Hula Hoop Trainer includes a number of identical linking segments which can be assembled and disassembled according to your waist size. The size of the hula hoop can be flexibly adjusted simply by means of adjusting/switching buttons, making it suitable for people of all shapes and sizes. The linking segments are easy to assemble and disassemble and are also easy to store.


Hula Hoop Trainer is suitable for all people of all skill levels, from beginners to experts. You can choose the number of segments used to assemble the hula hoop to adapt it to the size of your waist, making it suitable for people of different body types. THula Hoop Trainer is perfect for adults, children, overweight people, people with poor physical fitness, or even members of acrobatic or dance teams who need to maintain a slender physique.




How To Use:

1. Try out the suitable size of the attachments required for your waist, clip on or remove accordingly. ALWAYS make sure the one with RED indication is part of the whole structure as it contains a sensor.

2. After finding the suitable waist size for Hula Hoop Trainer, unclip one section to slide in the gravity sphere with the digital counter.

3. Attach the Hula Doop Trainer onto your waist and clip on to secure

4. Turn on the Digital counter

you may wish to rotate clockwise or anti clockwise, start the rotation by using your hand to guide the gravity sphere into the direction of the rotation

5. Rotate your waist to allow the gravity sphere to continue the rotation.



Do not rotate too intensively as you may hurt your back.

Make sure all clips are securely clipped on.




Made in China 


Material: ABS, PC, PVC, Nylon, PET, Silicon, POM

Dimensions: 44CM (L) x 44CM (H) x 5CM (H) - After assembly with the 16pcs Hula Hoop Connecting

Dimensions: 39CM (Short) 55CM (Long) - LCD display counter + Gravity Sphere length

Net Weight: 1.85 Kg

Batteries type: LR44 Included


Wondercore Rock N Fit Vibration Shaper

A vibration machine that comes with a patented seat in order to provide you an easy and effortless full body workout. 


Your arms, back, thighs, butt, calf and abs will undergo rigorous exercise with Rock N Fit’s 1,100 rotations per minute and 200W powerful vibration. With 20 different levels of intensity, beginners can start off with the lower level and slowly work your way up. Rock N Fit accommodates different forms of exercise, from standing to sitting and even planking! 


With Rock N Fit, the vibration machine makes your muscles contract subconsciously such that the machine is doing the workout for you instead! There are 3 different areas on the machine that allows you to warm up before transitioning into a more intense workout. There are also 5 different programmes of various timing and intensity for you to choose! 


Even controlling this machine is easy! With a few buttons, and you will be ready to kickstart your workout routine. Moreover, its small size allows you to place it virtually anywhere compared to those gigantic elliptical machines or treadmills. You can bring Rock N Fit to your work area, living room, bedroom and more! Being busy and not working out is no longer an excuse with Rock N Fit.


A simple-controlled machine that does the exercise for you, what more can you wish for? Get your Rock N Fit today before it’s sold out!



Made in China

Material: Steel - PVC - ABS - TPE

Power: 200W

Voltage: 220-240V, 50/60Hz

Weight: 12.4kg

Power cord length: 1.75m


- Rock N Fit: 61.5cm (W) x 37cm (L) x 13.8cm (H)

- Patented Seat: 57cm (W) x 32cm (L) x 23cm (H)



- Turn off the main power switch and unplug the power cord first.

- Clean with diluted neutral cleansing detergents, wipe dry with a cloth.

- Avoid alkaline cleaning agents/solvents

- Strictly clean the panel, power connection area, and remote control with dry cloth only. 


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