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Whether you’re a beginner cook, an avid home-cook or a pro chef, there’s one thing in common - the importance of your cooking equipment, and that includes your cooking wok! 

Made out of 7 layers of stainless steel and aluminium, the Gourmet Chef Honeycomb Wok’s 316 stainless steel material withstands high temperatures and corrosion, with stainless steel handles that give you a secure, safe grip. 

Cooking for a huge party? The wok’s high thermal conductivity and large capacity of 36cm saves you not only time, energy, and cost. Be it boiling, stewing, frying, deep frying, or even steaming, you can quickly whip up your favourites all at once. Check on your food occasionally with a convenient, transparent glass lid that’s even standable, which is sure to be a lifesaver while you’re busy cooking up a storm. 

With a flat base for better stability, it’s also suitable for use on induction cookers and gas stoves. Worried about cumbersome clean-ups? With non-stick Daikin technology from Japan, its unique honeycomb-shaped web is bumpy and uneven such that food will not directly come into contact with the wok, making cleaning a breeze and making the wok the perfect addition to any chef’s kitchen. 

Product Specifications
Made in China

Product Weight: 
Wok: 1.8kg
Glass Lid: 1.36kg

Diameter: 36cm
Thickness: 2.5mm
Depth: 10cm
Handle Length: 21.5cm

How to Clean:
Pour water and heat the wok. Use a metal spatula to remove food stains before wiping them off with a kitchen towel. You may also use metal brushes or sponges on the wok's surface. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Gourmet Chef Honeycomb Wok is flat based?
Since our wok is designed for home cooks, it comes with a flat bottom and is suitable for gas stoves, induction or ceramic cookers. This allows it to sit on a burner without any adaptors and have direct contact with the stovetop. It will still work on an outdoor burner if you want, but we figured while you may not be able to achieve perfect “wok hei”, you can come pretty close because of 316 stainless steel fast thermal conductivity.

Can i fry an egg on Gourmet Chef Honeycomb Wok without using any oil?
Less than half the normal required amount of oil is still required as oil is a required catalyst in frying an egg in all types of non-stick pans or woks.

Why Gourmet Chef Honeycomb Wok over frying pans or skillets?
The sides of the wok are sloping with high walls that food can be tossed  against (creating different cooking temperatures across the pan)
Excellent heat retention, making stirfry dishes possible
High heat and nonstick surface allow you to use a lot less cooking oil than you might have otherwise, producing healthier meals.

Is Gourmet Chef Honeycomb Wok easy to clean?
Pour water and heat up the wok, then use metal spatula remove it then use kitchen towel wipe it off
Also can use metal brush or sponge on the surface.


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