GOURMET CHEF Electric Food Steamer 18L

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GOURMET CHEF Electric Food Steamer 18L

A fact that may help you develop a healthy lifestyle is that steaming is better than frying. You must first invest in the simple and user-friendly Gourmet Chef Electric Food Steamer to live a healthy lifestyle. With the pre-set timer, simple meals or sumptuous dishes can be prepared anytime, anywhere. The steamer has a sleek design and a large capacity. With 3-tier, several dishes can be cooked simultaneously, saving time and effort. 

It is perfect for steaming or reheating multiple foods at once. Moreover, the Gourmet Chef Electric Food Steamer is also good for sterilising items at high heat, from tableware to baby products. 

Besides, the detachable and stackable trays are easy to store and clean. With dry-boil protection, the steamer will automatically turn off without water.