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Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper

Just can’t get the right method to cut, dice or chop? Spending too much time just for these preparation work? We’ve faced the same situation as well! Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper is the perfect size for everyday use in the kitchen. Features a twist-free design that is super easy to operate. Great for quickly chopping ingredients, preparing dressings and sauces, and so much more. It assists you grind vegetables, to fruits, nuts, oor even meat in seconds with it’s sharp stainless steel blades. Saving prep time for your daily meals. Definitely a nice helper in the kitchen. 


Ergonomic design with a touch pulsing method allowing you to have full control of the results you desire. Simply hold down the button to start, release to stop. The thoughtful design of the removable non-slip rubber feet allows a stable non-slip grip along with reduced sound cushioning against the table surface. Besides, it is designed with detachable stainless steel blades for easy washing. The never-dull blade is constructed with 420 stainsteel steel material, not only can it withstand rust or corrosion, it is also highly durable and easy to maintain. With all these great properties, the Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper can complete the job in just a few seconds.


The 2L transparent soda-lime glass bowl leaves no after smell, and is thickened for durability against knocks and bumps! Being glass, it does not react to colour transfers which prolongs the clarity of the viewing transparency without staining. With its compact design, snug it aside with just a small space in your kitchen yet looking presentable for any sudden house visits. 


Safety first, right? When the Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper senses any abnormal heat from intense blending, it will automatically go to rest allowing the motor to prolong it’s lifespan. We suggest cutting food into smaller pieces before grinding. What’s more? The motor will function only when it is correctly installed, preventing any accidents!


Love cooking but hate cleaning? No worries,Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper can be easily cleaned with just a damp sponge and cloth. We suggest cleaning the machine and wipe it dry immediately after use for hygiene purposes.


Product Specification

Made in China


Capacity: 2L

Voltage: 220 - 240V

Frequency: 50 - 60Hz

Power: 300W

Product Dimension: 20.8cm (Width) x 22.6cm (Height) x 20.8cm (Length)

Weight: 1.96kg



Directions on usage: 

1. Place the unit on a sturdy stable worktop or table. 

2. Assemble the appliance, with the food in the bowl.

3. Plug the unit into the mains supply and switch on at the mains. You must ensure that the power cord is fully unwound.

4. The appliance has two speeds. "1" for slow speed and "2" for high speed. Hold the unit securely and then press down on the appropriate switch at the top of the motor unit to begin processing the food.

5. Release the pressure to switch the appliance off.

6. Operate the appliance in short bursts. Never allow the motor to run continuously for more than 20 seconds.

7. After 20 seconds of continuous operation allow the motor to cool down to room temperature.

It may be necessary to stop the unit, and re-distribute the food before continuing. Always unplug the appliance before removing the lid.

Pulse mode: To get finely chopped food, operate the appliance with the regular chopping blade for several short presses at high speed "2". 



- Ensure there is adequate work space. 

- Do not operate the unit with an empty bowl. 

- Do not run the appliance continuously for more than 20 seconds. After 20 seconds of continuous use let the unit cool down to room temperature (at least 2 minutes) before using it again.

- The chopping blade on this appliance is sharp. Treat it with care at all times and never allow fingers, hair; or clothing to contact the blade. When not in use the blade should be stored in the provided blade protector. 

- If you wish to scrape the contents of the bowl with a spatula, remove the blade attachment first.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the two blades?

The one with the long shaft is the main blade that you can use it singly if you do not wish the result to be too meshed, another is the secondary blade for a finer result. It’s meant for dual stackability.


Is the glass breakable?

Although it is made from thickened glass to prevent knocks and bumps, it is still glass and will be cracked under immense pressure or impact. Always handle with care.


Is the glass microwavable?

No it is not.


Is the glass dishwasher safe?

Yes it is.


Is the container freezer safe? 

Although it is made of thickened glass, you might be in a situation of the contents within it getting freezer burns so we do not recommend putting it in the freezer.  



Is the container safe to hold hot water? 

Although it is made of thickened glass, it is not recommended to put hot water contents in. Do not operate with hot water contents in the container as hot water will expand under pressured vortex.


What can I make using Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper?

The options are endless - smoothies, minced meat, sauces and pastes and many more! You can even blend solids into an almost powdered form, and blend mixtures for baking purposes. 

Can I use it to blend ice?

Yes, definitely.


Can I use it to blend coffee beans?

Yes, but not powdery.


Can I make pastes/sauces?

Yes, you can.


Can I use it to blend hot food? 

Avoid blending ingredients/food above 80°C, or anything hot in general due to the heat expansion created from the vortex within a confined environment


Can I use the Gourmet Chef Wonder Chopper as an electric mixer?

It should NOT be used as a direct replacement for an electric mixer. You may use it to blend certain wet ingredients together for baking purposes, but it will not be effective in mixing ingredients to form dough or mixtures of tougher texture. 



What should I do if the motor stops working?

If the motor stops working, please unplug it from the power and let it cool for a few minutes before using it again. It has a thermal shut-off that protects the motor to prolong its lifespan by preventing overheating.



Are there some items that I should not blend with?

- Overly bulky / tough / hard objects

- Stones or alike materials that are non food prep related



Cleaning and Maintenance


1. Unplug the motor from the socket

2. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or residues from the motor. DO NOT WASH OR SOAK the motor.

3. Remove the chopper lid to wash

4. Remove the blades, rinse to wash with precautions.

5. Rinse and wash the glass bowl.

6. Allow to air dry or wipe dry.


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