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Health+ Water Flosser

Nothing is more flattering than a gorgeous, healthy smile, but taking care of your teeth and gums is about more than just good looks. Poor oral hygiene can cause cavities, tooth loss, and gum disease. We’ve been taught to brush our teeth before we sleep and after we wake up but basic brushing of teeth is not enough as it will still leave plaque and food debris behind. 

Now, HEALTH+ Water Flosser, it’s the easy and most effective way to floss. It removes the debris that brushing leaves behind and improves oral health effectively!


HEALTH+ Water flosser uses a pressurized stream of pulsating water to clean away food particles, bacteria, and plaque between teeth and under the gumline. Using a water flosser can be especially helpful for getting into hard-to-reach areas of the mouth, tightly spaced teeth, and periodontal pockets that may be caused by early gum disease. Do away with traditional flossing picks and strings which might cause unintentional bleeding!


HEALTH+ Water Flosser is easy to use and control. It has 3 adjustable cleaning modes and 3 water pressure modes as normal, pulse and point allow you to select the best mode for your teeth. With 360° rotatable nozzle design allows you to easily clean the areas that are difficult to reach. Besides, newbies should remember to place the tip in the mouth before turning on the unit and to go slowly, gliding the tip along the gumline gently.


With the 320ml water tank, it is enough for your whole mouth cleaning. With the open tank and detachable design, it's much easier to clean the inner walls of the water flosser tank. The powerful 2000MAH lithium battery can be fully charged in 6 hours via USB cable and can be used continuously for 3-4 weeks. Great for carrying and traveling with you! 


It’s also designed to be IPX7 water-resistant so you can water floss while you shower or while you are soaking in your bath tub!


Enjoy the convenience of cordless water flossing of HEALTH+ Water Flosser!



Product Specification

Made in China


Battery: 2000MAH

Power: 7W


Product Dimension: 

With nozzle: 7.6cm x 26.6cm

Without nozzle: 7.6cm x 22.4cm


Weight: 290g

Water Tank Capacity: 320ml



Cleaning Modes:

Normal: Used to clean the teeth normally

Pulse: Used for gum cleaning and massage

Point: For precise clean between the teeth



Directions on usage: 

- Fill the device with water before using it

- Press M to select a suitable cleaning mode and power

*Long press: To change the cleaning mode

*Short press: To change the power mode

- Place it in your mouth, just above the gum line, and turn it on

- The flosser will emit a steady stream of water that will gently clean between those hard-to-reach places.

*For normal and pulse cleaning mode, point mode will only function when you press it



Install and remove nozzle

1. Install the nozzle into the nozzle insertion hole

2. Insert the nozzle firmly 

3. To remove the nozzle, press the nozzle release button and then pull out the nozzle


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the Water Flosser the proper way?

With its powerful jet, it is advisable to close your mouth while you water floss to prevent water splatters. You may wish to drain the water out from a small gap from your lips or Spit the water out if you feel that it is filling up in your mouth.


How many times per day should I use my Water Flosser?

It is recommended you use it at least once a day. To maintain good oral health.


If I have braces or dental work like bridges or implants how often should I use it?

If you have braces, implants, bridges, crowns or other dental work that is hard to keep clean, you might want to use it more than once per day.


I have gum disease, how often should I use it?

It is recommended using it more often than once per day until the gum disease is under control. Sometimes it is necessary to use the special nozzle for more severe areas, such as periodontal pockets.


Should I floss before or after I brush my teeth?

Either way is acceptable, as long as you do a thorough clean. 


How does a water flosser work?

It helps remove food particles and plaque stuck between your teeth without the need to use a flosser pick. 


Is it waterproof?

It has an IPX7 which means it’s waterproof against moving water sources. You may use it while showering but do not soak/submerge it in water.


How often do I need to charge it?

With its 2000mah rechargeable battery, it can last around 3-4 weeks with a full charge which takes about 6 hours.


What if one container of water is not sufficient for me?

There are no restrictions as to how much water is required for each user, you may always fill the container up for another round of cleaning.



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