Livington Air Purifier Deluxe

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Livington Prime Air Purifier

According to researchers from the Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, they found that humans breathe in between 100,000 to 1 million microorganisms per day. Bacteria and germs constantly exist around us. 

How can we minimise contact with these germs that may be potentially harmful to our bodies? Here’s the one that truly cleans the air with its effective filtration barrier-- the Livington Prime Air Purifier! 

The Livington Air Purifier is a fully automatic air purifying system for your home. It constantly measures the air quality and when necessary, it automatically starts its cleaning function. It rids the air in your home from mold, spores, germs, viruses, pollen and even from particulate matter. 


Its sensors constantly monitor the air quality in your home. When the air is clean, our traffic light system shows green. In addition, we have a digitally controlled particulate matter sensor that informs us about the pollution with particulate matter. When it gets too high, the Livington Air Purifier automatically starts to clean the air again. 


Thanks to its six-stage cleaning and filtration system, it is able to filter the air efficiently. The prefilter removes the big dust particles from the air—it’s actually washable as well. The second filter removes the smaller particles from the air. The third filter is the most important one for allergy sufferers: it’s the HEPA-filter—which binds spores, allergens and pollen, removing it from the air and relieving the allergy sufferers.The particulate matter filter binds all the particulate matter.  The fourth filter is a high-density active charcoal filter which eliminates the harmful particles that would get deposited in the alveoli of your lungs. 


Some germs can’t be totally eliminated, right? That’s when the fifth and last filter comes in handy! Livington Air Purifier uses UV-Light. It can be switched on with the remote control and it kills all the viruses, germs and bacteria. In addition, the Livington Air Purifier’s display will indicate that the sterilization mode is activated. 

There’s nothing more valuable than health. With the Livington Air Purifier, you can finally breathe in clean air again!


Benefits of each layer:

Washable pre filter: Rough and larger particles, removable filter can be washed anytime! Remember to dry it before use.

Pre Filter: Smaller particles which the pre filter cannot filter. (Not washable. Do not clean it as it might damage the filtration)


H13 Medical Grade HEPA filter (99.99% efficiency on filtering down to 0.3µm airborne particles). Lifespan ~3000 Hours:

- Pollen

- Mould spores

- House dust allergies

- Reduces pollutant and

- Fine dust content

- Reduces bacteria and viruses

- Miscellaneous

- Fine dust particles


ACTIVATED Charcoal - An advanced type of filter that uses highly-porous charcoal to trap gases like odors or smoke. Because of all the pores, activated charcoal has a massive surface space, which can be utilized to hold large amounts of gases. While a key technology in smoke removal as well as vapours from different source:

Odours (Paint, varnishes, nail polish, detergent smells, musky smell)



UV (UV-C radiation) - Able to destroy the DNA of germs, viruses, bacteria, fungi, molds and many other harmful pollutants. sterilizing the air that helps remove contaminants.



- Germ

- Bacteria

- Viruses (colds and flu viruses)

- Pathogen from Infectious disease 


Ion (Ions bind positive pollutants) - air ionizers purify the air of bacteria, dust, cigarette smoke, molds, soot, pollen, and household odors. Using electricity charges to Grab all that is left after filtration and sinks them.  These negative ions attach to positively charged particles in the room, such as dust, bacteria, pollen, smoke, and other allergens. The positively charged particles and negative ions bond together to create dense dirt particles that cannot float in the air. These heavier dirt particles fall to the ground and wait to be swept up at a later time. This has a significant impact on people suffering from hay fever and other seasonal allergies. Asthma sufferers have also noticed a difference in the quality of air they breathe after using an air ionizer. Air ionizers can help relieve tension and help improve sleep patterns. Air ionizers create negative ions using electricity and then discharge them into the air.:

- Odour

- Volatile chemicals

- Bacteria and viruses

- Improve well-being

- Better lung capacity 


Product Specifications:

Made in China


Dimension: 41cm (Width) x 70cm (Height) x 24.5cm (Length)

Weight: 7.7kg


How to Use: 

Product Specification


Experience the unique 6-filter system of the Livington AirPurifier. The combination of 2 pre-filters, a HEPA filter, an activated carbon filter and switchable UV and ION filters.

The Livington AirPurifier effectively cleans rooms up to 30m2 and can be conveniently used by the supplied remote control.


Motor material: Copper motor

HEPA grade: HEPA 13




Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the Livington Air Purifier stand out from the rest?
Unlike other air purification systems, the Livington Prime Air Purifier has a 6 filter system that provides you healthy air quality. It can remove 99.99% of the harmful particles in the air and provide better airflow overall. It is especially useful for those with asmathic conditions. 

How long does the filter last?

This depends on the operating time and the degree of air pollution.
However there is a sensor that tells you when to change the filter. The average operating time is about 3000 hours.

How does the Ionizer reduce air pollution by dust, pollen and spores?
Ionizers remove certain airborne particles using negative ions. The purpose of an air ionizer is to help air particles settle and collect out of the air. The air around us contains particles. Through the energy effect of the ionizers, this gives particles an electrical charge, causing them to clump together and land on surfaces and can be cleaned up.

What should I do when the filtering system is poor?
The cause of poor filtering system may be due to the inlet or outlet grill being blocked, or the pre filter may be clogged. What you can do is to ensure there is nothing in front or on top of the purifier. You should also check the condition of the filters, clean or replace them if necessary. 

What if the AUTO mode is not activating the ION mode? 

The auto mode is designed to adjust the fan speed depending on the air quality. Other modes must be activated separately. 



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