GOURMET CHEF Pinnacle Thermoware Set

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Pinnacle Thermoware Set
Ever wanted to pack food from home or take-away from your favourite store, but the food normally ends up cold and soggy? What is the secret to preserving the food at its optimal temperature and a longer period of time?

With the Pinnacle Thermoware Set, you can be rest assured that your food will taste as good as it is first prepared! Additionally, save the trouble of reheating your food as the temperature will be preserved. Moreover, you’ll be doing your part to save the earth without the use of disposable containers - Thank you!

Pinnacle Thermoware Products are made of polypropylene plastic for outer layer, stainless steel for interior and polyurethane as insulation layer. This provides better insulation and you don’t have to worry about burns when picking up the hot food filled container.

Thanks to this new insulated technology, you can keep your food hot for up to 4 hours and keep your food cold for up to 6 hours! Its large capacity allows for soups for four, or braised dishes or rice to feed up to five family members. 

This comes in handy especially in hot weather! If you wish to take away cold desserts, this is the container for you! 


If you are someone who loves going outdoors for picnics, camps or travelling this is the ultimate way you can store your food as well. With the polyurethane insulation, you can keep your food fresh and warm for longer hours. Moreover, it is designed to be easy to carry and portable, maximising convenience for everyone. 



Product Specification

Made in India



Red Panache - 3500ml

Blue Prime Plus - 2500ml

Red Panache (Small) - 600ml


Material: PP & Stainless Steel



- Avoid re-heating on stove and microwave.

- Do not place the food container near an open flame or heat source.

- Before using, wash the container with mild soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the products microwave friendly? 

No, it cannot be put inside the microwave. 



What kind of food can be kept inside the container? 

You can keep all kinds of food-- from your favourite braised dishes, fried rice or even local desserts like the chendol! 



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