Piorida 3 Seconds Dry Shampoo

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Piorida 3 Seconds Dry Shampoo
Do you experience oily scalp midway through the day or do you have difficulty getting a proper hair wash due to certain circumstances?  Piorida’s 3 Seconds Shampoo is all you need for a clean wash to freshen up your day without getting all messed up or fuss! With no water needed at all, you’ll still be able to leave your hair and scalp feeling cleansed and revitalized. This dry shampoo cleanses the oil, grease and styling serum out of your scalp and hair, voluminises it and even adds a touch of a refreshing scent, making it perfect for use after exercising or the smoky aftermath of your BBQs in your hair too. It’s portable and comes in a convenient 100ml bottle, so you can bring with you almost anywhere and anytime you need a quick fix, even during a long haul flight! 
Frequent normal shampooing might cause dry scalp, and if you have oily hair, certain serums might contain harmful agents. Piorida’s 3 Seconds Shampoo absorbs oil and sebum from hair and keeps your scalp healthy without leaving any sticky residue. No clouding on your hair as well, while your hair stays shiny and smooth (almost as if you took a shower!) Simply lightly massage a small amount onto your palm, spread it evenly into your scalp and hair, let it dry by itself or if you need to speed it up, you may wish to towel dry or grab a hairdryer to blow dry it and you’re set!

Product Specifications
Made in Korea

Capacity: 100ml 
Key Ingredients
Soapberry Extract - a natural soap ingredient with antioxidant activity; suitable for sensitive skins like eczema and psoriasis.
Hinoki Cypress Water - soothes the scalp and has antiseptic qualities and smells that promote stress relief and relaxation
Hyaluronic Acid - attracts moisture to the skin, keeping it protected and hydrated 
Trehalose - protects hair from dehydration 
How To Use:
Put an appropriate amount of product on the scalp/hair and rub it lightly to dry it.
(Do not use it for more than 4 consecutive days.)
- If irritation occurs such as swelling, itching or red spot, discontinue use and consult doctors
- Do not use it on wounds
- Rinse your eyes out immediately with clean water if it gets into your eyes
- Do not rinse


Frequently Asked Questions

Will the product leave a sticky residue on my hair?
No, the essence turns into water-like consistency once you apply it onto your hair and scalp, giving it a refreshing feeling.


Will it help reduce sebum?
Based on lab tests carried out using a sebumeter, compared to before use of the test substance, the amount of sebum decreased by 50.09% immediately after one use and 26.50% after one week of use, indicating that there is an effect of cleaning scalp sebum (oil)(p<.001).


Is it safe for color-treated hair?
Yes, it is safe for color-treated hair.


How often can I use the product?
It can be used as often as everyday in between washes. 


Will there be white residue on my hair after applying the product?
No, there will not be any clouding, dusting or white residue on your hair. 


How thoroughly clean can it be?
Use it sparingly on a usual basis and it should serve its purpose. Apply more accordingly if you have styling products on your hair or should there be any bad odor from smoke or gas.


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