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Posture Doctor
Are you constantly hunching and slouching from poor posture? Stress and strain can cause neck, shoulder and back pain. Introducing quick and easy posture corrector! You have taken the first step toward improving your posture and relieving neck, back and shoulder strain! 

Just simply put on Posture Doctor and tighten the straps until you feel it gently pull back your shoulders. There may be slight discomfort until you get used to wearing it, so start wearing for about 20 - 30 minutes a day and gradually increase duration with comfort.

Tighten the straps periodically to pull your shoulders lay flat against the wall. Over time, your body should build muscle memory to maintain correct posture without the Posture Doctor! Wear it when you feel yourself begin to slouch. 


Product Specifications:
Made in China

Product weight: 0.2kg
Product Dimension: 20.9cm x 23.09cm x 13.9cm

How to Wear:
1. Hold the Posture Doctor with the inside facing you.
2. Put on the Posture Doctor like a back pack.
3. Pull straps upward to tighten until your shoulders pull back, then attach.
4. Enjoy improved posture and relief with Posture Doctor.
*Optional: For taller users, or if you feel discomfort in your underarms, adjust the back strap down for improved comfort.

A guide to wearing Posture Doctor

Care & Washing Instructions:
Hand wash cold with mild soap/detergent. Air dry only.

If you feel pain while wearing, loosen the straps. If you continue to feel pain or experience a rash, swelling or numbness, discontinue immediately.

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