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Sparky Kleen

In order to remove tough stains, no matter what it is, Sparky Kleen is the best choice. All you have to do is dip a wet sponge into Sparky Kleen and rub at the stain before using a cloth to wipe it off, revealing a new clean surface. It’s also perfect for general cleaning of the house or even out of the house. 

With its multi-purpose usage, there is no need for as many excessive cleaning supplies, saving space and money for users. Even stubborn stains such as rust, burnt stains, oil stains and watermarks can be easily removed with just a few wipes of Sparky Kleen. 

As it is made of natural ingredients, it is non-toxic unlike many cleaning agents and hence can be used with a peace of mind. It is gentle to the hands and very safe to use, making it very user-friendly. 



Made in China

Big Capacity: 500g

Small Capacity: 150g

Weight for Big: 530g

Weight for Small: 170g

Ingredients: Natural Silicon Dioxide, Pure Water, Dipentene, Natural Glycerol, Lemon Scent.


Directions on usage:
- Wet a sponge and apply a few dabs of Sparky Kleen paste.
- Scrub Stains until clean (Apply more strength and speed for stubborn stains).
- Clean off the surface with water and wipe dry with a cloth.
- For application on glass and mirrors, dilute some paste with water (1:5).


Prior to first time usage:
- Store at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight
- Keep out of reach from children
- Do not use on glossed / polished / wax surface
- Do not use on a car window
- Do not use a metal scrubber
- Avoid direct contact with eyes, rinse the eye with running water in cases of contact



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