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How To Use

Take a look at the breakdown of your daily water usage, and you’ll come to know that water consumption is at its peak while you are taking a shower.Trying to conserve water, but find it difficult to? With TRENTIOS IntelliHeat Water Heater, you can. 

TRENTIOS IntelliHeat Water Heater has 22 years of history with its water heater being the only one in the market that has a water and electricity tracking system. Now, you can effortlessly contribute to water conservation while in the comfort of your home. 

Its tracking system will alert you as you draw nearer to the limit that you’ve set through its blinking mode. This can be seen on its touch screen interface that is safe to touch even while showering. Each and every water heater undergoes stringent security checks and it also has an anti-scald protection that prevents the maximum temperature from exceeding 55℃.


Its power saving properties will blow your mind when you realise that your electrical consumption reduces by 10%! - but consuming less energy does not hinder its property of instant heating as TRENTIOS IntelliHeat Water Heater is thoughtfully designed with a double-heating element. There is no need to constantly tweak the water temperature as it will constantly supply water at your desired temperature.


With a non-corrosive stainless steel water tank in TRENTIOS IntelliHeat Water Heater, we also guarantee up to 10 years for your Water Heater’s heating element.


Now if you are looking for a new water heater to replace your current water heater, get the TRENTIOS IntelliHeat Water Heater today!



Made in China



Outer layer: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

Water tank: Non-corrosive stainless steel


Power: 3000 W

Voltage: 230V, 50/60 Hz

Weight: 1.3kg

Dimensions: 6.5cm (W) x 26cm (L) x 26cm (H)

Minimum water flow rate: 2 litres/minute

Maximum water flow rate: 3 to 6 litres/minute


Directions on usage: 

1. Turn on power supply

2. Turn on the water switch then press the “POWER” key.

3. Press the “UP” or “DOWN” key to adjust the power level for getting the appropriate temperature.

4. Use the water valve to control the water flow. The water temperature will go down when the water flow is large. Conversely, the water temperature will go up when water flow is small.

5. Press the “POWER” key to make the machine on standby mode when you wish to stop using the appliance temporarily.

6. Switch off the power supply once you have finished using the appliance.



Frequently Asked Questions

Temperature & Heat Settings

What is the maximum temperature of the water heater?

The maximum temperature of the TRENTIOS IntelliHeat is 55℃


Can I change the temperature of the water even while I’m showering?

Yes, you can


How can I see the temperature of my water setting?

You will need to tap on the setting button to see the water temperature


How many levels of heat settings does Trentios IntelliHeat have?

TRENTIOS IntelliHeat water heater has 3 levels of heat setting. You may adjust it using the “UP” or “DOWN” button.


Will the water temperature fluctuate while I’m showering?

No. It will not.


How long does it take to heat up?

2 to 3 Seconds.



How long does the installation process take?

For replacement of the existing unit will take around 30 minutes


How to go about installing TRENTIOS IntelliHeat water heater?

Call 66340312 for installation requirements.


Will the installation team help to dispose of my old water heater?




Does a double heating element consume more electricity?

No it does not. At each water temperature level, there is a fixed amount of electricity that is passed through. In fact, with a double heating element, water is heated up twice as fast using the same amount of electricity.


Is TRENTIOS IntelliHeat energy efficient?

Yes, Trentios Intelliheat only uses 3000watts, whereas other brands in the market use 3300watts. Trentios Intelliheat helps you to save 10% electricity!


Water Saving Level

What is the default water level alert?

By default, the water level alert is 45 litres.


How do I change the water level alert?

Tap on the settings twice, and tap on the up or down button to increase and decrease the level.


What is the maximum water level that I can set?

The maximum water level is 99.


What is the minimum water level that I can set?

The minimum water level is 10.


Will Trentios IntelliHeat water heater alert me of my water usage while I’m showering?

While showering, the number on the water heater will blink 10 litre before your preset amount.


Where do I see the total water level consumed?

It will be shown at the 2nd line of the water heater.


How to reset the total water level consumed?

Tap on the settings 4 times, and long press on the setting button to reset.


Do you have any videos to teach on how to use the Trentios intelliheat water heater?

You can view more information in this link.


Care and Maintenance

How often must TRENTIOS IntelliHeat be flushed?

TRENTIOS IntelliHeat does not need to be flushed at all as the water tank is made entirely out of stainless steel material which is non-corrosive.Any specific maintenance care to take note?


How often do I need to check the wiring of TRENTIOS IntelliHeat?

No need. Only if there is no power when on.



What is the material of the front housing material?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


What is the material of the back base material?

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


What is the material of the heating tube?

Polyamide 66


What is the inlet & outlet pipe material?

Polyamide 66



What is the operating water pressure?

There are various factors affecting your water pressure. Such as the type of your household, the level that you are staying on etc.


What is the protection class?



What functions are there?

Heating temperature adjustable (3 level) 

Per bath water usage control

Reset to zero from accumulative water and electricity usage 


What colours are available?

TRENTIOS is available in 2 colours - white and black


What does the logo on top of the numerical number symbolise?

A smiling face - Customer centric 


Is the touchscreen interface usable even in wet conditions?

Yes, all TRENTIOS IntelliHeat water heaters go through rigorous testing to ensure that they are usable in wet conditions.


Does IntelliHeat support rain showers?

Yes, but this is subjected to water pressure which depends on where you stay (e.g. HDB, landed property etc.)


What is the average life span of TRENTIOS IntelliHeat water heater?

Heating Element 10 Years warranty, other parts 1 year.


Does the TRENTIOS IntelliHeat water heater have any spare parts? If yes, where can I purchase them? 

No.1 Ubi View #01-04 S408555. Customer service Hotline – 66340312





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