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Delivery Date

Within 6 working days +2 working day (excluding weekends) for order/delivery day that falls in the week of a public holiday.
All items available for online purchase are not guaranteed to be in stock at the time of the order processing. A full refund will be given if the product is out of stocks.


Ultimate Casa Pro 

Ultimo Casa Pro a brand-new model of Ultimo Casa.

The Ultimo casa Pro is an excellent remodeling and renovation of Ultimo Casa Deluxe.

Which is sturdier and can organize more your clothes and outfits. Rebuild into higher adjustable height and addition of mesh panel where you can put on top, sides, mid and bottom of the Ultimo Casa Pro. Able to add more mesh panels and more attachment to be used for more things to organize.

A first portable width and a height adjustable rack with removable bars. It is multi-purpose and can be used for both storing and organising personal belongings such as clothes and shoes and drying wet garments, towels and bed sheets. No more tedious fixing of DIY racks, flimsy clothes racks which cost about the same or worry about the changing weather! It can be used for indoor drying in bad outdoor situations, such as bad weather and air pollution or even outdoor drying when you need the sun. Ultimo casa pro can hang up to 250 pieces of clothes! 


Made with high-quality finished stainless steel, it has a high usability which is designed to withstand up to 60kg and the mesh can withstand up to 20kg!. Easy installation without using any tool and can be folded for storage. Extendable and adjustable to laundry and room!



Product Specification

Made in China



Rack/Bar: Stainless steel, 

Plastic Part: PS

Caster: PP, PVC


Weight: 10kg


Dimension (After Assembled): 

Height: 141cm - 232cm (Adjustable)

Width: 90cm - 125cm (Adjustable)

Depth: 52cm - 80cm (Adjustable)


Dimension (Folding Size): 136cm (Height) x 52cm (Width)


Maximum Load: 60kg


Mesh Max Load:

Horizontal position: 20kg

vertical position: 3kg


Mesh Dimension: 122cm(Length) x 41.5cm(width)



Prior to first usage: 

You will be required to assemble the Ultimo Casa Pro. Simply follow instructions on the user manual, ensuring that the parts and wheels are being attached properly. You may then start using it, extending and shortening it (both width and height-wise) however you want to to adjust to your needs. 


How to Assemble:





Ironing Board Cover

This FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate uses the latest technology and materials to deliver an ironing experience that’s enjoyed by millions of people the world over. With its unique 3-layer construction, FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate combines the non-slip qualities of a cotton-top cover and a thick felt underlay for a smooth, luxurious ironing experience. Between these is a dense foam core to provide optimum heat reflection and crease removal. Plus, the no-hassle, elasticated, FastFit system, keeps the cover securely in place.


FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate has three very important elements that each add an extra benefit to your ironing experience. The 100% cotton non-slip surface holds your clothes in place, making ironing quicker and reducing the chances of ‘gilling’ where fabrics slip under the iron and cause a rippled effect that’s hard to erase. The dense foam core offers better heat reflection to effectively iron both sides at once, or multiple layers, and really make the most of all that precious heat and steam for faster crease removal, and the super-thick underlay not only grips the board itself but gives you a smooth, luxurious ironing experience. 

The elasticated edging on our FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate makes a huge difference to the speed of fitting and the ease of ironing. Perhaps it’s why we’ve sold over 25 million, worldwide. It holds your cover in place securely, removing any drag and slide that can actually cause creases when you’re trying to remove them. A secure fit also ensures that no unwanted air is allowed to gather in pockets, created beneath a loose cover, which can form cooler patches and allow steam and heat to be wasted. FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate fits any standard ironing board up to 139cmx49cm in seconds.



Product Specifications

Color: Multi

Cleaning Care: Do not dry clean

Warning: Do not bleach



Pack: 25 x 6 x 35cm

To Fit Up: 139cm x 49cm





Top layer: 100% Cotton

Middle layer: 100% Polyurethane

Bottom layer: 100% Polyester





Frequently Asked Questions

Why is there rust?

Although Ultimo Casa is made of stainless steel, the screws on Ultimo Casa are made of aluminium. Hence you may observe rust.


Why does the bracket break?

Bracket: Plastic material on the crossbar.

This may be due to the items being too heavy or too much effort was used when attaching the crossbar onto Ultimo Casa. In such cases, you may purchase the bracket from us by contacting us at +65 6742 2007. One bracket is at the price of $4.90


Why will the elbow crack?

Elbow: Plastic material on the L-shape bar.

This is due to exposure to rain and sunlight. When this happens, the plastic will be oxidised, and cracks may be observed. In such cases, you may purchase the bracket from us by contacting us at +65 6742 2007. One elbow is at the price of $6.90


Can I just buy the crossbar alone?

Yes, you may just contact us at +65 6742 2007. We are selling 2 crossbars at a price of $29.90.


Can I just buy the wheels alone?

Yes, you may just contact us at +65 6742 2007.


What is the max weight the mesh panel can hold?

Horizontal position: 20kg

Vertical position: 3kg


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