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Vital Socks

Vital Socks is the new garment with a revolutionary ingredient inside the fabrics :  ALOE VERA.
Vital Socks are comfortable compression socks which not only help to revive and invigorate your tired legs and feet but could help to relieve the swelling caused by poor circulation. Plus Vital Socks are infused with a unique Aloe Vera microcapsule which will help keep your skin supple and moisturised.  
Vital Socks are graduated compression socks for varicose prevention with ALOE VERA, these are the benefits of using them :
1. Avoids heaviness in legs and feet.
2. Helps relieve moderate varicose veins.
3. Increases upstream pressure.
4. Reduces swelling.
5. Hydrates the skin and keep freshness with Aloe Vera.
Vitals Socks is recommended to use when :
There are symptoms of varicose veins like heaviness, achiness, visibility of varicose.
When medicated for prevention
Poor circulation
Active jobs
Long shifts sitting or standing
Long trips driving or flying
Product Specifications:
S/M Fits shoe size 5 -9 (EU 35 - 43)
L/XL Fits shoe size 9 -12 (EU 43 - 47)

Dimension: 12cm (Length) x 2cm (Width) x 22.5cm (Height)

Gross Weight: 0.94kg

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