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Gourmet Chef Smokeless Grill Pan

Ever felt envious whenever you see a family grilling and bbqing in their own backyard in the movies? Want to have that experience too but your house doesn’t have that sort of space or just grilling outside under the sun is too torturous? Well now with Gourmet Chef Smokeless Grill Pan, you can lead that movie life too! 


The Smokeless Grill Pan unique smoke disposal is something to look out for! The pan has an inlet and an outlet for the oily smoke and smell to escape from and eventually burnt on gas flame. No more oily kitchen from all the grilling! 


To tell that the smoke and smell is getting burnt away, the flame colour changes from blue to red, what a sight to see! It also has a furrow for excess and leftover oil to drop out from, leaving you with a clean and healthily grilled delicacy, to satisfy your cravings while not sacrificing the fragrance from the grilling process. Forget the calorie guilt trip! 


The pan’s ceramic coating and 5 layer dual coating presents you with superior heat-resistance and durability, long-lasting and efficient. Allowing you to go crazy with the heat to achieve your optimal temperature. 


The range of food that you can grill on the pan is endless, from meat to vegetables, whatever your heart desires. The non-stick coating on the surface of the pan also makes it a breeze to cook your food, no worries about it sticking and having a hard time scrubbing it off. Good food with no effort.


To make your life even easier, the lid of the Smokeless Grilling Pan comes with a standing knob, enhancing your convenience during cooking and no more scurrying to get an extra plate just to put the lid. The lid also has a built in silicone rim for tight sealing to ensure that all 100% of the smoke and odor stays in the pan. At the same time preserve all the heat and circulate it more efficiently, enabling the food to cook faster and more evenly. No more pink chicken! 



Made in Korea



Pan Body: Die Cast Aluminum (Bottom 3.5mm, Side 2.0mm thick) 

Glass Lid: 4mm tempered glass with SUS 304 sts rim & silicone rim 

Handle & Knob: Bakelite

Inside: Mega Stone non-stick coating 

Outside: Heat resistant color ceramic coating


Product Dimension:

Dimensions: 28cm (Inner Dia.) x 5.6cm(H) 

Handle: 17cm


Gross Weight: 1.93 kg 



How to use:

1. Place the pan on the center of the stove.

2. Place ingredients on the pan and close the lid.

3. Close the lid completely so the silicone on the lid is fully sealed.



- This product retains heat during and after cooking, so handle with caution

- Compatible with gas stove

- Can be used as a regular frying pan, but the lid must be closed to use the smoke and odor burning function

- Unlike regular frying pans, the smokeless grill pan have an interior inlet, so avoid cooking any soups or stews that can overflow through the inlet

- Clean the exit opening on the bottom of the pan frequently

- Avoid using metal scrubbers when washing the Megastone Titanium Coating, instead use soft scrubbers to not damage it

- Clean and safely store after every use





Frequently Asked Questions

Scratch Resistance?

It is not scratch proof, but scratch resistant - it can withstand scratches well. To prolong the life of the pot and its durability, avoid using metal spatulas / cooking utensils while cooking. 


What are the cooking tops I can use on it?

It is only compatible with a gas stovetop.


How to preserve the non-stick surface?

When washing the titanium coating, please avoid using metal scrubbers. Please wash using a soft scrubber to avoid damaging the coating and preserve the non-stick surface.


Can I grill my food without any oil?

Yes, you may cook your food without oil due to its non-stick properties. However, it is still highly recommended to use a little amount of oil when cooking in order to prolong the durability of the pan surface as well as adding more taste to your dishes.


Any other sizes?

No, only the round grill pan(28cm) is available. 


Is the non-stick surface safe for consumption?

Yes, it is PFOA & PFOS & PTFE Free. 


What is the highest temperature it can handle?

Normal household cooking fire temperature is recommended. Not for commercial use.


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