Father’s Day is around the corner! He is the man who stands with you from your very first step. So, be sure to pay your respect and showcase your love for him on this special day. But how do you do that? It is tricky for many to make the right choice, but luckily, we at JML have shortlisted some of the best choices to gift to your dear old dad.


Combating aches and pain

Do your dad suffers from pain in their knees when walking, or when performing simple tasks? It is an annoying and common problem to have. His knees probably experience major wear and tear as he ages, and with it, he can also start to experience joints pains as well. This can severely impact their day-to-day life. To help them get through this, give them a bottle of Ocean Health Collajoin Pure Collagen Powder this Father’s Day, that is specifically designed to support mobility and improve flexibility. All they have to do is to dissolve 2 tablespoons of collagen powder with their breakfast drink or cereal every day! It is that simple.



Ocean Health




An alternative is to provide your dad this Father’s Day with our EBENE Pain Relief Kit. It comes fully kitted out with a pain relief cream, design to not only repair worn-out joins, but also protects the joints. A heat relief back patch can help speed up healing of aches, pains and stiffness, and also reduces muscle fatigue and relaxes the muscles, ensuring your dad stays loose and limber. And in case they may suffer from Varicose Veins, fret not! The kit also comes with a pair of Bio-Ray Foot Massage Socks that acts as a foot massager in order to promote both blood and oxygen circulation in the feet.



EBENE Pain Relief




With both Ocean Health Collajoin and EBENE Pain Relief Kit, you know for sure your dad is ready to combat his body aches and pain he is currently suffering from. But what about future problems? Let us see how we can help with that.


Combating bad sitting posture

If your dad, like countless others, have a job that requires them to be seated at a desk for extended period, However, days spent seated at a desk put people at risk of suffering from chronic pain and injuries, which can impact long term health. Ensure your dad has excellent sitting posture in the office with our Ablue Curble Posture Correcting Chair. Designed to lift the user pelvis to maintain a good sitting posture, the Ablue Curble Posture Correcting Chair will be able to reduce the pressure to his spine and joints, and naturally push the body to form the correct sitting posture.




Ablue Curble Posture Correcting Chair




How about bad sleeping posture? Have you heard your dad complaining the next morning about a sore neck? This is most likely due to his bad sleeping posture. Help him out by getting him a Bambillo Pillow, a unique pillow that adjusts and supports every shape, size and sleeping posture. It will help support his neck into its natural alignment, moulding perfectly to your dad’s neck and shoulders.






These are just a couple of the many potential gifts that we can provide for not just your dad, but for all your loved ones as well.




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