Hari Raya is one of the most significant festivals in the Muslim calendar, celebrated by Muslims worldwide. It marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan and the beginning of Syawal. During this festive season, family and friends gather to celebrate with delicious food, traditional clothing, and decorations.

As you prepare for Hari Raya, ensure you have everything you need to make it a memorable and enjoyable occasion. From cooking delicious meals to refreshing drinks, we've covered you with some amazing products.


Experience the convenience of the Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler. With its instant heating technology, you can get hot water at your desired temperature within seconds. Whether you need hot water for making drinks or cooking, the Gourmet Chef Instant Boiler makes it easy and convenient. It's safe and convenient with a child-safe safety locking system and 4L water tank capacity. The built-in filter reduces chlorine and organics, making the water purer and more delicious.

Cook like a pro with the Korea King Signature Granite Cookware Set. Its innovative design features a detachable handle for easy storage and moving. The double lock and sturdy tempered glass lid ensure secure handling and prevent overflowing. Cooking and cleaning are a breeze with non-stick ceramic and durable Signature Granite layers. And the hidden IH Steel plate prevents rusting and allows for safe use on any cooktop. Plus, it's PFOA & PTFE free for safe cooking.

Gourmet Chef Tokebi Cordless Hand Blender offers powerful performance with a 12,500 RPM speed, versatility, and convenience. Its ergonomic cordless design and attachments make blending, pureeing, and whipping tasks effortless. The intuitive controls and safety features make it easy and secure to use. Say goodbye to tangled cords and elevate your cooking experience with the Gourmet Chef Tokebi Cordless Hand Blender during this festive season.

As you prepare for Hari Raya, ensure you have these amazing products to make it even more special. Whether you're cooking up a storm or making refreshing drinks, these products will help you make the most out of your celebration.


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