Tis the season of giving, and we've curated a collection of unique Christmas gifts to suit every budget. From delightful stocking stuffers under $10 to thoughtful finds above $100, these presents are bound to bring joy to your loved ones.

Under $10:
Swivel Cosmetic Organiser:

Elevate your vanity! This swivel organizer offers adjustable shelves, a 360-degree rotation, and a large capacity, ensuring easy access to your favorite beauty products.

Hot Jewels:

Embrace instant glamour! Hot Jewels' body jewelry, available in themed collections, creates dazzling designs with a simple dab of water. Lasting up to six days, it adds a touch of sparkle that removes effortlessly with baby oil.

Dream Beam:

Gift the gift of sweet dreams! The Dream Beam, with its 360-degree rotation and USB power, not only ensures a good night's sleep but also adds a whimsical touch to home decor.

Bag Saver:

Keep snacks fresh! This mini sealing machine, operated by AA batteries, provides high-temperature sealing for various plastic bags, offering a practical solution for preserving your favorite treats.

For those seeking budget-friendly delights, these gifts under $10 add a touch of magic to daily routines.

Under $20:
Arctic Products Deal:

Bundle up and save! Mix and match any 3 Arctic products for just $59.90 SGD, offering a cost-effective way to enjoy a range of innovative items.

Biu Mirror:

Illuminate beauty on the go! The Biu Mirror, with its built-in LED lights, fan, and portable foldable design, is a versatile and convenient travel companion.

Hapi Roll Tablet:

Create sweet moments at home! The Hapi Roll Tablet, with its miracle cold plate, allows you to craft healthy sherbet and delightful ice cream rolls, providing a fun and tasty experience for all.

Hula Waist Trainer:

Fitness made fun! The Hula Waist Trainer not only promotes fat burning and waistline shaping but also adds a 360-degree massage element, making exercise an enjoyable and effective routine.

Unwrapping joy on a budget continues with these gifts under $20, adding a sprinkle of delight to your festive celebrations.

Under $50:
Porcelain Dinnerware:

Set your table in style! This non-porous, lightweight porcelain dinnerware is not only elegant but also practical, with the ability to withstand temperature fluctuations and resist odors and stains.


Elevate your sleep experience! Covermax's 3-layered breathable polyester fabric ensures a comfortable and hypoallergenic sleeping environment, with added protection against liquids and dirt.

Vacpack Go:

Travel smart! The Vacpack Go, a portable vacuum storage system, reduces luggage volume, triples storage space, and creates an airtight seal, making it an ideal solution for organized and space-saving travel.

Mini Multi Cooker:

Cooking made easy! This multifunctional mini cooker, with its ceramic glaze non-stick coating, offers convenience with upper steaming and lower cooking, making it perfect for one or two-person meals.

Journeying into the mid-range treasures, these gifts under $50 combine functionality with elegance, ensuring a memorable holiday season.

Under $100:
Sporo Core Shaper:

Sculpt your core! The Sporo Core Shaper aids in proper and safe basic abs exercises, tones muscles, offers body-rolling massages for post-exercise cool down, and is portable and foldable for easy storage.

Health+ Korean Jujube Essence:

Nourish with nature! Jujube, a 100% natural red dates essence, promotes better sleep, keeps skin youthful, improves blood circulation, boosts energy and immune system, and regulates menstrual problems.

Gourmet Chef Bionic Blade Portable Blender:

Blend on the go! The Bionic Blender, a handheld and portable marvel, features easy control, USB rechargeability, premium food-grade material, and a powerful 6-blade design for convenient and efficient blending.

Korea King:

Cook with confidence! Korea King, with its non-stick coating, sturdy granite inner coating, and ceramic outer coating, offers scratch resistance, a free-standing tempered glass lid, and a detachable handle for versatile cooking.

As we step into the mid-range options, these gifts under $100 promise a perfect blend of functionality and sophistication.

Above $100:

Unveil radiant skin! Dermawand tightens skin, reduces wrinkles, and improves blood circulation for a youthful, glowing complexion.

Livington Air Purifier:

Breathe clean! The Livington Air Purifier, with its 6-filter system and modern design, ensures optimal air quality for healthier living.

Wondercore Rock N Fit:

Home fitness! The Wondercore Rock N Fit offers a full-body workout, up to 1,100 rotations per minute, and free resistance bands for an energizing exercise routine.

Naipo Massager:

Indulge in relaxation! The Naipo Massager is a 2-in-1 foot spa with steam, providing an immersive and soothing treatment for tired feet.

For those ready to splurge on luxury, these gifts above $100 promise a holiday season filled with indulgence and joy.

Stay tuned for more gift ideas in the next budget categories! 🎁✨


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