Whether you’re a senior yourself, live with elderly family members or have elderly loved ones living alone, there are a few items that are guaranteed to be useful for everyday living. Get these following must-haves to add extra comfort and convenience to their daily lives!

Knee, joint, and back pain are extremely common as we age, so pain relief products are extremely useful and always come in handy. Ebene’s Pain Relief Kit is super comprehensive and has all sorts of treatments for different types of pain. It comes with a knee support guard that has a flexi metal strip for extra joint support to stimulate oxygen and blood circulation to prevent knee pain and a pain relief cream with extra 10% glucosamine to improve and repair worn-out joints and prevent degeneration for healthy joints.  But that’s not at all - the kit also has a patch that provides 10 hours of 52°C penetrating heat for long lasting back pain relief to speed up healing of aches and stiffness while reducing muscle fatigue, as well as a convenient massage sock that relieves cramps, numbness and nocturia for better sleep!




Have elderly at home that constantly suffer from tired, aching legs? Sankom Patent Socks are great for improving blood circulation, vein function and active gradual step-by-step compression, which helps reduce swelling and heaviness in the legs that most seniors suffer from. It provides great arch support and cushion, so rest assured that it’s extremely comfortable to wear for the whole day due to its skin-friendly, breathable and hypoallergenic material. No accidental tears as well due to its rip-resistant feature, and certainly no fear of odours thanks to its anti-bacterial zinc embedded material to help reduce odours! Definitely a must-have essential for our senior loved ones! 



Ginkgo has been around for a long time, and has proven to be a beneficial key ingredient for memory support for years now. Using a combination of Japanese patented formula and  top German craftsmanship, contained in just one pill of Thomson Ginkgo is an astounding 40mg of highly concentrated activated Ginkgo Biloba extract! It helps prevent memory decline and improves mental acuity and alertness all while fighting aging by providing skin revitalisation benefits. It also suppresses depression and prevents cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, even helping patients who’ve experienced ischemic stroke as well. Especially helpful for any elderly at home showing signs of memory decline or mild depression. 




Now if there’s a single product that older adults always use, it’s hair dye. Age is definitely just a number, but sometimes you simply can’t fight stubborn white hairs.  Regular store-bought hair dyes can be damaging, smelly and downright messy, while going to the salon can really burn those holes in your pockets. Hair dying should be simple, effective and beneficial, which is exactly what Freesia Oil 10 Foaming Hair Colour does for you! Containing 10 types of oil that are good for your hair, it helps to improve hair loss and healthy hair growth, nourishes your hair, and even relieves itchy scalp. Attached with a spray and comb brush, DIY hair dying has never been easier. It smells great, doesn’t create an absolute mess, and can even be used multiple times. Its convenient application makes it perfect for any independent elderly to use easily and quickly - trust us when we say you’ll never want to buy regular hair dye after trying this. 



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