Now that travel season’s around the corner, you’re gonna wanna make sure you’re well-packed. Before you board that plane, there’s still time to get your hands on these must-haves that are sure to be lifesavers for your trip. Pack these in your luggage, buckle up, and you’re ready for takeoff! 


Triple Your Luggage Capacity

No space in your luggage? Forget paying for extra baggage. With VacPack GO!, you can now leave that space-stealing air behind and triple your luggage capacity. Use it to store anything you want to pack (even large items like jackets, duvets and pillows!), and it’ll create an air-tight and waterproof seal around your items. Simply pack them in, use the mini-pump, and all that bulky air will be sucked out in seconds. The mini-pump is compact and palm-sized so you can vacuum-pack both on the way out AND on the way back! Not traveling anytime soon? VacPack GO! is also great for storage while protecting your items from mold, dust and insects.




Sunblock That Lasts Up To 6 Hours

You can’t escape from the sun, especially not when you’re going sightseeing. JeuneTe Skin Defense provides just the protection you need with high SPF60+ UVA/UVB Protection that blocks about 95% of UVB rays and meets the dermatologists' recommendation of a minimum of SPF 30. It’s also durable and can last up to 6 hours with an impressive PA rating of PA++++, making it perfect for travel. Ultra fast absorption, so it glides on super smooth without leaving any sticky residue like most sunscreens. Not only does it reduce the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, but it also prevents signs of skin aging, discolouration and helps reduce inflammation. It even helps reduce pigmentation and aids with skin whitening, making it a must-pack for your travels! 





Superior Feet Support

If you’re gonna be walking around a lot, you definitely don’t want your feet to be aching afterwards. Copper Fit Zen Step Insoles gives your feet the arch and heel support you need for painless, enjoyable walks. It gently relieves pressure points, absorbs impact and has stimulating micro massage nodes to help relax and comfort sore soles. Uniquely infused with copper material, it’s extremely breathable, lightweight and even odour reducing, providing you with all-day comfort. 



All-Day Glam

While you’re out and about, it’s easy to get all sweaty and oily. It’s not exactly convenient to touch up your face whenever and wherever, as well. Now imagine a lip balm, but for your whole face - that’s Piorida Multi Balm! Designed as a roll up stick, you can apply them on your face, neck, elbow, knee or wherever it feels dry for hydration, giving your complexion a dewy glowy look. It provides long lasting hydration and anti-aging benefits, and even stimulates collagen production to promote skin elasticity. Suitable for all skin types, so everyone can go through a full day while still looking flawless!




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